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Cinco and Hatley

It was so good to see these two young artists this morning. After Hatley and Cinco got all situated in their booster seats we practiced making circles with some markers. We still have quite a bit of practice to do but that’s ok:) I introduced the young artists to a still life painting of apples by Cezanne. We counted the apples. We all had a different number of apples. Mmmmm:) I showed the artists on my globe the country of France. We found WF and the 5 oceans also. Cinco and Hatley then painted their backgrounds for the Cezanne painting. They were so proud of their paintings as you can tell in the photo. We then reviewed “Tiger in a Thunderstorm” by Rousseau. The artists used watercolor to start their jungle backgrounds. We’ll add the tigers next class.

Jack and Scarlett

These 2 young artists are such a fantastic combination! They love checking in on each other’s work. Scarlett wants Jack to watch her paint and Jack wants Scarlett to watch him paint. Don’t worry parents! I sit in between them! They are so cute!!!! Scarlett had to show Jack her new hair cut. She was very dramatic about it:) Jack was very impressed! We started the class with an Art History lesson – “The Nativity with Angels and Prophets”, Duccio, early 1300′s. We found baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds. We discussed the “halos” also. Note AH category. After AH, the artists sponged the 5 basic shapes I had cut out of cardboard. They had a little trouble remembering the “oval.” They looked to each other for help in remembering:) Oh, I demonstrated the process first. I asked the artists what “demonstrate” meant. After looking to each other for the answer I told them the definition. Jack’s response was, “Well Ms. Ronda, I was still thinking:)”. Love these 2! We then worked on their projects. Scarlett worked on a Christmas present painting – a secret and Jack worked on his shark painting. Several times while they were painting we had to observe each painting. How precious! I emphasized following direction during the lesson. The artists did a great job. Thank you God for my job.

Hatley and Cinco

Hatley and Cinco were excited to come into the studio this week. Last week they were a little hesitant but not this week. We started class by rolling 2 primary colors. I use paper towel cardboard rolls.  I put yellow and blue dabs of paint on a piece of paper. Of course this is after we reviewed what colors we were using. I showed Hatley and Cinco how to roll the paint. They were amazed when they created GREEN!!! Yay! Then we had to rub the paint with our hands and add some handprints! We had a short Art History lesson – “Madonna of the Book” by Botticelli. We identified Jesus and Mary. Next I cut out the 5 basic shapes from some thin cardboard. I taped the shapes down to a pice of paper. I demonstrated how to use sponges and dab the paint on and around the shapes. After taking the shapes off we had more shapes! On all the projects and activities we do in class I help the young artists write their names. We looked at “Tiger in a Thunderstorm” by Rousseau again. I discussed the “variety” of plants. We started drawing their Jazzy Jungle Cats. I helped with the drawing. We counted the legs several times:) Enjoy the pic:)

Trey and Ben

We started class on Thursday with an Art History lesson: “The Nativity with Angels and Prophets”, Duccio, early 1300′s. I discussed the floor plan for the Gothic church in which the altarpiece hangs. Note AH category. The artists finished up their designed animals. I cut the animals out and the boys glued them down to black paper for a background. As you can tell in the photos the animals look amazing. We then reviewed the Pop Art movement, early 1950′s. Trey and Ben finished outing on the photograph of themselves the highlights and shadows. The artists then traced their portraits onto some good heavy paper. They chose their color palette by searching through my paint chips. Each portrait consists of around 5-6 colors. We discussed contrasting colors. Next week the young artists will start painting their portraits with acrylic paint. I thoroughly enjoy teaching these 2 young men. We have some great conversations!

Emily, Taylor, Kendall and Presley

These girls had a variety of reasons to be in the studio for this class – a make up class, a catch up class and a regular class. We had a lot of creativity going on though for sure! Taylor worked her koi fish palette knife painting. She is done except for the highlight in the eyes. Kendall and Emily worked their nonobjective abstracts. This is the projects in which we cut the painting up and glue it back together in a different order. Presley worked on her Pop Art self portrait. I keep a list of that each artist is working on and their future projects. The list grows as they see a new project going on in the studio. It is fun to see their enthusiasm. Enjoy the pics. As you can tell by the smiles we DO have fun!


Kate was solo yesterday. Bennett was sick so Kate and I had a lesson one on one. To start the class off we had an art history lesson. Note AH category. Kate worked on her Pop Art self-portrait. The kids are really enjoying these self portraits. Kate’s is turning out so cool. After her Pop Art, Kate worked on a Christmas present for her dad. Mmmmmm, it’s a secret! Love this girl:))))

Olivia and Kylie

It was just Olivia and Kylie this week. We missed our Reese! We started class with an Art History lesson – Byzantine, 1300′s, “The Nativity with Angels and the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel.” Note the AH category. Kylie worked on her oil painting of her dog. She first worked on shading his muzzle. Kylie then started on the white fur on it’s chest and paws. She also added some fur texture to the body. Olivia worked on her Pop Art self portrait. Last week she chose the colors she wanted to use. This week Olivia painted in the background and started on her face. She worked so hard to make the brush strokes smooth. The kids are really enjoying the self portraits. Both of the girls have other projects going. It’s never a dull moment in the studio:)

Breagan, Lauren and Taylor

Before you know it, it is Monday again and these 3 young artists are running into the studio:) They are always so ready to get started. We started class with an Art History lesson: “The Nativity with Angels and Prophets”, Duccio, early 1300′s. I showed the girls the Siena Cathedral and the complete altarpiece – “The Maesta.” Note the AH category. The girls all worked on their own painting. Taylor worked on her palette knife of a koi fish. She is almost done. Lauren worked on her painting of a foal. She started working on the pasture with a variety of greens. Lauren also started adding bluebonnets. Breagan worked on her painting of the Titanic. She worked on the smoke stacks by shading them. She added the smoke, too. Breagan then started working on deck of the ship. The artists are all 3 doing a great job on their paintings as you can tell in the pics. Breagan and Lauren also have kodras to work on and Lauren has an animalito in the works. Taylor will start an illuminated manuscript next.