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Olivia and Kylie

It was just Olivia and Kylie this week. We missed our Reese! We started class with an Art History lesson – Byzantine, 1300′s, “The Nativity with Angels and the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel.” Note the AH category. Kylie worked on her oil painting of her dog. She first worked on shading his muzzle. Kylie then…

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Breagan, Lauren and Taylor

Before you know it, it is Monday again and these 3 young artists are running into the studio:) They are always so ready to get started. We started class with an Art History lesson: “The Nativity with Angels and Prophets”, Duccio, early 1300′s. I showed the girls the Siena Cathedral and the complete altarpiece –…

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Scarlett and Jack

Scarlett had a visitor this week. Jack had a make up class with Scarlett. They hit it off. We looked at “Madonna of the Book”, by Botticelli. Jack was positive he had seen this Botticelli painting before. Mmmmm, not real sure about that:) We found Italy, the 5 oceans , the equator and the N….

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Lizzy and Vivi

It was great to see these 2 cousins Friday. What a wonderful way to end the week. The first thing we did was a sketchbook activity. The girls used soft pastels and gesso to create a background. They used water based oil pastels to write a word that described them. Both of the girls chose…

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Kaela, Alexis, Brook

I think I forgot to add this group last week. Sorry girls. These young artists are working on acrylic paintings of animals. We have looked at Bonheur’s, Durer’s and Leonardo’s animals. These paintings are going to be semi-realistic. The backgrounds are going to be kinda crazy. Brooke is doing a sea lion, Kaela a zebra…

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Sarah, Maverick, Evie

Time to get one more class summary in before I start all over:) Friday, Maverick worked on his self portrait. Geez, bubble wrap printing is so much fun! Evie worked on her bubbles in her NOA. Sarah worked on her Kodra – peacock. Her Kodra is so detailed. It will be a show stopper! I…

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