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My First Artwork

This is my first piece of art. I made it at Horn Elementary in Houston when I was 6. Can you guess what it is? Whoever guesses first wins a poster of “Edward”, my up close horse painting. I’ll post a picture of Edward, too. Goodluck! P.S. This contest excludes family members:)  

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Longhorn Cow

Growing up, my dad raised cattle at our farm in East Texas. I gravitate to cattle because of my childhood. Just being around cattle makes me peaceful, therefore, I photograph and paint a lot of cattle. This piece is oil, 30×40. Both of these pieces I have posted will be at my art show opening…

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Big Bend National Park

Charlie and I went to Big Bend National Park in May. I was deeply moved as an artist at the beauty of the land. I finished this piece, oil 16×40. This will not be the last painting I do of Big Bend. I have in mind several more. I work from my own photographs and…

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Blue Cactus

On this piece I am working from a photograph I took of my cactus after a freeze last winter. The colors in the cactus are amazing. I am working on a colored pencil for one of my 2 shows I have coming up in July and September. I am using Prisma colored pencils. They are…

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