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One of my Mannequins

This is one of 3 mannequins I am working on now. I have more tile to add, the gold smashed costume jewelry, then the grout. I am definitely have fun with this one! Enjoy another creative process!

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Ok, so I started another painting. I just have 3 going now.  Last Sunday John, Charlie & I went to the Quartz Mountain area so they could rock climb. I was so drawn to the rock formations. This painting is of one of the rock formations we saw that day. I’ll be using modeling paste,…

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This is Sully – an Irish Setter I am painting. This is a commissioned work. I am excited about my new blog. I will be posting all my work – completed and works in the works! I have 3 paintings and 3 mannequins in the works right now. So check back with my blog frequently…

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