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George’s Pride

Wow, I actually got some done on George’s Pride. This is in soft pastel. After not working on it for awhile, I made some proportion adjustments. It’s funny the things I notice when I haven’t worked on something for awhile. The fur is really hard so I have been avoiding it. Soooo, I am back…

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Paintings in the process as of Oct. 10th, 2013

Here are 2 paintings I am working on now. Both are oil and rather large. Most of my paintings are pretty big. The first one is of some prickly pears. No those are not grapes!:) Obviously the 2nd one is of a group of cattle. In the prickly pear painting I am using stand oil…

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My Recent Work

Here are 3 of my recent works and then I started another one – the lime green canvas. The first painting is of a friend’s Jack Russell. Her name was Lulu. She is 30×40 in oil.  I had a lot of fun painting Lulu. I love her scruffy hair and her eyes. The 2nd painting…

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I finished Lulu yesterday. The painting is 30″x40″ in oil. I think she looks fabulous! She is going to her owner this weekend. Enjoy.

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Cowboy True Art Show

At the Bridwell Ag Center, Wichita Falls, TX, this weekend I am co-chairing the Cowboy True Art Show. The show is a celebration of the life of a cowboy. Our Texas heritage is so very rich in the cowboy/ranching life. We are having saddles, bits, spurs, paintings, photography, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, gun and knife engraving…

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