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Maggie, Madeline, Gigi

This class starts with a jolt and just keeps going! We were busy every second. Guess that is a good thing. We started off with a color wheel study. The artists reviewed the Primary and Secondary colors. They made their own Secondary colors. After the color wheel we moved on to the Flower Collage. I…

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Abby, Carly, Sadie, Evie

The visual journals were first on the list of “to do’s” yesterday. The artists painted 2 layers of paint on a page in their journal. They wiped off part of the 2nd layer revealing the first color. They then chose a word from my “word bowl.” The artists stenciled the word on the journal page….

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Katie, Parker, Reese, Kylie and Alex

I must have taken this pic before Alex got there. She scooted in and got caught up right away. We started with their visual journals. They layered gesso and 2 layers of paint – 2 different colors. Before the 2nd color was dry, they wiped some of it off to reveal the first layer. The…

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Trey and Ava

It was great to see Trey and Ava yesterday. After hearing all the news, we got started on a page for their visual journal. They painted 2 layers of paint on a page to be put in their journals. They painted 2 different colors. After the 2nd layer Trey and Ava wiped off some of…

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Kelsey was super busy in class Tuesday. We got a lot done in the art world. To start off, I had Kelsey work in her visual journal. She painted a background for her next assignment. She painted 2 layers of different colored paint after a gesso layer. Before the 2nd layer dried, she removed some…

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Art Show Opening

Artists and Parents of Young Artists, remember to highlight Saturday, Oct. 27th on your calendar – Art Show Opening from 1-3:00 p.m. The Opening will be at the Forum on Harrison. We will have refreshments and live classical guitar by David Thompson, along with a few of his students. Charlie will also play a few…

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