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Yearly Archives: 2013

Kylie and oops I forgot to take a pic of Reese!

Kylie and Reese were here! I forgot to get Reese’s picture. Sorry about that Reese. Kylie and Reese are both working on Realistic paintings of animals. We have studied several artists who painted animals – Durer, Bonheur, Leonardo and now Remington. We actually celebrated Remington’s this week.

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Riley and Chase – siblings!

Riley and Chase are siblings and they love having class together. Riley is working on her self-portrait and Chase a painting of a Corvette. Riley frequently tells Chase how good he is doing and he returns the complement. We celebrated Frederic Remington’s yesterday – Cowboys, Indians and mounted soldiers. Riley is almost ready for…

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Kendall and Kylie make up classes

Kendall and Kylie were here Saturday for a make up class. Kendall was working on her self portrait and Kylie was working on her painting of a deer. Even on a Saturday morning the girls were glad to be in the studio. Geez, I love my job!

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Breagan, Lauren & McKena

Breagan, Lauren and McKena got a letter from Santa today saying that Penelope will be assigned to the studio for Christmas!!!! They are showing the letter in the photo. After our nerves were calmed, the girls started working on their Monochromatic painting project. The artists made a tint and shade chart today. Next week they…

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