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Yearly Archives: 2013

McKena, Breagan, Lauren NONSTOP!

The title of this blog fits these young artists to a “T”!!! I have to hear all the week’s stories first – we mainly talked about our loose teeth yesterday. We had to take several breaks during class to wiggle them. Interesting! The girls first worked in their sketchbooks. Note the picture. They loved the…

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Christmas Painting Party

Adult Artists – these are 2 samples of what we are going to paint at the Christmas Party, November 3rd. Just thought you might want to see what we are going to paint. I used Gail and Allyson as my guinea pigs yesterday. I had them create the tree paintings for the party so we…

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Evie and Sarah all grins!

We started Evie and Sarah’s class yesterday with a really cool exercise in their sketchbooks. As you can tell by the picture they were overjoyed! Evie then worked on her fish painting. We studied the techniques of Cezanne and Monet. So Evie will be using a lot of paint and big brushstrokes. Keep watching for…

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A talented and TALKATIVE young artist – Mr. C.

Mr. C  is not only talented he is also talkative! He is like listening to a news anchorman! The whole time Mr. C is informing me of all the things going on in his life, he is working. I felt like I went on his last family vacation. They went to Colorado and I was…

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Sadler was busy in the studio Wednesday. He worked on his Animalito – a porcupine and an exercise in his sketchbook. As usual Sadler brings success peaceful energy into the studio. I love it. He is so easy going. Much less a fabuloso artist. What a great combination.

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Sadie, Abby, Emily, Rachel

We started class off this week by doing a really cool activity in their sketchbooks. Note the splashes of color. Then the artists started working on their Animalitos. Most of the artists have started painting the Animalitos. They will decorate and design patterns. The girls are doing a “bang up job.” Abby is doing a…

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