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Yearly Archives: 2013

George’s Pride

Wow, I actually got some done on George’s Pride. This is in soft pastel. After not working on it for awhile, I made some proportion adjustments. It’s funny the things I notice when I haven’t worked on something for awhile. The fur is really hard so I have been avoiding it. Soooo, I am back…

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Paintings in the process as of Oct. 10th, 2013

Here are 2 paintings I am working on now. Both are oil and rather large. Most of my paintings are pretty big. The first one is of some prickly pears. No those are not grapes!:) Obviously the 2nd one is of a group of cattle. In the prickly pear painting I am using stand oil…

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Teens – Oct. 9th, 2013

The teens were ready top get back in to the studio yesterday. Libby is working on a self portrait Peter max style in soft pastels. Annie drew sketches for a mixed media collage. She looks kinda mean! Christine is working on her leopard in acrylic. The girls don’t talk a lot unless I engage them….

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Young men artists

It was good to get back to the studio after being gone to Athens, GA for almost a full week. I started my day off with C and Trey. Trey is working on a self portrait and C an Animalito. Animalitos are from Oaxaca Mexico. C will decorate his Animalito as they do in Mexico…

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Abby, Rachel, Stevie and Alex

I start my week every Monday with this wonderful class. The artists are all so eager to come to the studio. Plus they are such mannerly kiddos. Makes my job even better! They are working on their Self Portraits. The other sketches are Abby’s and Rachel’s from their sketchbooks. We are working on their backgrounds…

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