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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Young Men Artists

These young men went crazy with building their animal bodies for Animalitos from Oaxaca, Mexico. We studied the Animalitos and I showed the artists several pictures of the Animalitos. We found Oaxaca on the globe along with the 5 oceans, the equator and the N. & S. Hemispheres. The boys did a great job forming…

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Whirlwind of a week!

This week was like  whirlwind in the studio. It was my first week of the summer schedule. It was a task getting settled into a new schedule. The studio door was pretty much like a revolving door. As you can tell by the pictures, we had a lot going on in the studio. We had blindfold…

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Ladies Dance and Paint

We had KC and the Sunshine Band, dancin’ and paintin’ in the studio tonight. The artists applied the first colors blindfolded. Next week they will add more colors also blindfolded. It made for some interesting dancing and hand painting on the canvases. The outcome was fantastic. Wah-la! Next time I’ll take a video! Thanks ladies for…

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My Recent Work

Here are 3 of my recent works and then I started another one – the lime green canvas. The first painting is of a friend’s Jack Russell. Her name was Lulu. She is 30×40 in oil.  I had a lot of fun painting Lulu. I love her scruffy hair and her eyes. The 2nd painting…

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