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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Kylie (Actress & Artist) and REese (Actor and Artist)

Kylie and Reese are working on their self portraits. They are both working on their reflections in a huge silver ornament. The ornament distorts their reflection. Very interesting. We celebrated Rembrandt’s We studied “Return of the Prodigal Son.” I stumped them with the word “prodigal.” Usually they know all the vocabulary words – but…

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Kaela and Aubree

Kaela and Aubree were very busy in the studio yesterday. Kaela worked on her zebra acrylic painting and Aubree worked on her nature mixed media collage. Class went from the stripes on Kaela’s zebra to neon orange glitter on Aubree’s collage. Never a dull moment in the studio. For Art History we celebrated Rembrandt’s 

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Abby, Alex, Stevie, Rachel

These young artists came into the studio all with huge smiles. They warm my heart when they come in the studio. These young artists are also so positive about their artwork. That makes my job easy. Stevie and Alex “Jackson Pollocked” their sketchbook covers. These artists are working on their self portraits. They added Prisma colors…

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Art History for the week of July 1st

We are studying the “The Return of the Prodigal Son”, oil, 8′x9′, by Rembrandt this week. This painting was done in the mid 1600′s. Rembrandt was a Christian and painted 100′s of religious paintings. I explain the word “prodigal” to the young artists. I also tell the story from the Bible. We discuss “humility” also. 

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Addy & Ayla

These young artists started their class with their sketchbooks. They drew something that started with a “b.” We reviewed “Tiger in a Thunderstorm” by Rousseau. We noted all the “overlapping” plants and the “variety” of plants. For Art History, we studied “The Return of the Prodical Son” by Rembrandt 1664. I explained the words “prodigal” and…

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