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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Breagan, Lauren & McKena

Breagan, Lauren and McKena got a letter from Santa today saying that Penelope will be assigned to the studio for Christmas!!!! They are showing the letter in the photo. After our nerves were calmed, the girls started working on their Monochromatic painting project. The artists made a tint and shade chart today. Next week they…

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Alisa “Pollocked” her evening away!

Alisa started class off last night with a Jackson Pollock. Note the smile on her face! Dribbling paint is so comforting. After a long day of dentistry, Alisa relaxed in the studio. She finished a painting of a little pick smocked dress for her daughter’s bedroom. I forgot to get a picture though. I’ll try…

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Sarah and Evie join in on Splattermania

Sarah and Evie joined in on the Splattermania. We discussed “space” as an Element of Art. As you can tell by their grins, they had a blast splattering paint over the fall leaves. Frederic Remington was the man again – his was celebrated. Next week Sarah will work on her Animalito and Evie her…

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Maverick, Silas and Aubree – Splattermania & Emily’s Animalito

These young artists splattered paint around some fall leaves yesterday. Splattering is sooooo good for the soul. It brings a smile  to everyone’s face! We talked about “space” while the kids splattered. They got to choose their colors. Emily worked on her Animalito. She was visiting from another class. Frederic Remington’s was celebrated. The…

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