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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Pam Scott – my cousin

Pam was the person who most influenced me to be an artist. She passed away 25 years ago. She was about 8 years older than me. Pam was an incredible artist. She use to give me art lessons while we were at our farm in East Texas. Here is a painting she did of our…

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Prickly pears – slight adjustment:)

I got up early this morning, as I usually do  - around 5:00. I get my French press going with very very strong coffee. Why drink coffee if it isn’t strong? Anyway, I always turn on my studio lights to look at my most recent painting of all my paintings. Got that?  I noticed that…

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My Office

I love my office. That’s Carly making herself at home in my studio. Hey it may look chaotic but I know where everything is:) Did a lot of teaching this weekend and painting. I redid (is that a word?) an abstract I had done last week. Completed painted over the previous painting. I like it…

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My Morning at 5:15

This represents a day at the grind stone for me. I THINK NOT! My job is unbelievable! I get to teach 50 people art then I get to do art! Couldn’t get much better than that. Well, yes, and I do have Superman with me. That makes a big difference. Well, I can’t write much…

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Paint a cow ear then move a cow ear

Worked on this cow ear the whole time I talked with my Uncle Bud on the phone. Got in every last detail then realized it wasn’t big enough. Durn it. Never too old to learn from my mistakes by crackie. I definitely appreciate the curly hair of  hereford cattle now. Oh my gosh! It’s funny…

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Purple dirt

OK, I just decided to do a photo study of the drought in North/West Texas. Here is a photograph of the effects of the drought we are having. Beauty from the Drought. Well, just got my title! Stay tuned.

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