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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Working on Cap Rock

I am working on the clouds for my Cap Rock painting. Should finish this one for Cowboy True the weekend of the 28th & 29th of March.

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I finished this painting. It is 30×60 oil. You can’t tell in the photograph but there is gold embossing powder in the wheatfield. This piece is for sale.

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Beginning Cactus

I took a photo of a cactus after we had a freeze. I love the blue green color it turned. It even has some yellow ochre in it. I started the painting yesterday with a dark blue/green wash. Today I outlined the cactus in lime green. Not sure yet what color I am going to…

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George’s Pride

This is George’s Pride, a CBR bull from Windthorst. It is a pastel, 24×28. I really enjoy pastels. I put clear  gesso, with the grit, on a MDF board, then started with the pastels. I have worked with pastels since I was in about 6th grade – always a love for pastels. This work will…

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