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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Taylor at Peachtree Gallery, Lubbock

This is Taylor carrying one of my paintings into her gallery – Peachtree Gallery, Lubbock. Taylor is a young vibrant lover of art. She is a go getter! Thanks Taylor for all you do!    

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New Series – Nature Saturated

These are some photos I shot and saturated. I took the photos on the way to Lubbock, highway 82, and on the way back to Wichita Falls. I like the title of the series I am going to use for the paintings – “Nature Saturated.” I am going to work in oil as usual. I…

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Frozen cactus

This is an oil of a frozen cactus I am painting. It is 24 x 30. As in the photograph, I am going to emphasize the blue green the cactus turned after the freeze. If you look real close the thorns are a dark reddish purple. So cool. Enjoy as I make progress.

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What attracts me to cattle? My childhood. The smell at the sale barn gives me goosebumps. I know, I am strange. Anyway, I started this longhorn last week. I love the vibrant green background. I still need to layer more green in there. As you can tell from the photo, she is cream and a…

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Palette knife of elephant ear

This is what I have so far on the elephant ear. Now hang with me on this. I know you are probably thinking – “What the heck fire is she doing?” But there are going to be a zillion layers. Well maybe not exactly a zillion, but a lot. It is going to end up…

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