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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Art History – September 8-11th, 2015

This week in Art History we are going to be studying “St. Mark” by Donatello, Early Renaissance, Italy. Florence, Italy was the birth place of the Renaissance. “St. Mark” is a marble statue in a niche on the outside of Orsanmichele Church in Florence. The statue was made from 1411-13. It stands 7’9″. “St. Mark”…

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Kylie, Olivia and Alexis

It was good to see the girls yesterday. We missed our one guy though. Reese was having oral surgery. We missed his quick wit:) We had an Art History lesson to start the class. The girls are doing great when we review the information they have already learned about the Early Renaissance. Alexis finished her…

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Jacki and Ann

Jacki and Ann were the only 2 artists in their class this morning. It’s always fun to have my ladies in the studio. I have 2 classes of ladies – one on Tuesday and the other on Thursdays. We mainly talk about how ready we are for fall, how to keep cool in this hot…

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Lauren and Breagan

I’ve had these 2 girls since they were 3! Now they are in 3rd grade. Love them to pieces! We started class yesterday with Art History – Early Renaissance. Note the AH category. The girls retain so much of the Art History. Makes my heart sing:) Breagan and Lauren continued to work on their nonobjective…

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