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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Emma, Emily, Presley and Kendall

These young artists all ran into the studio Friday like they do every week. They are a fun group to teach. We took care of studio show business before we started the lesson. I am making sure all the artwork goes home with labels. It’s s task! Emma, Emily and Kendall worked on their illuminated…

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Lizzy and Vivi

It was great to see these 2 cousins Friday. What a wonderful way to end the week. The first thing we did was a sketchbook activity. The girls used soft pastels and gesso to create a background. They used water based oil pastels to write a word that described them. Both of the girls chose…

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Channing came to the studio Thursday for class with her hair in the typical wind blown natural look:) Mmmmm, where could she get that from??? Channing worked on her proportion collage. She painted the background for the collage in watercolor. I emphasized that the background needed to be mostly horizontal. Channing included some waterbased oil…

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Cade – “Pete the Zombie Pirate”

“Pete the Zombie Pirate ” came to the studio Thursday for class. I was trembling when I saw Pete walk up the sidewalk to the door of the studio. I was elated when I realized it was really Cade:) We first had to investigate every inch of Cade’s costume. We decided that Pete needed to…

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Kate and Bennett

This is my blond haired, blue eyed class! Or I could call it my Swedish class:) By the way, if you are wondering, Kate is playing an air guitar in the picture! These 2 love my Pandora station – 50′s – 80′s music. They frequently rock out:) Kate worked on her acrylic NOA painting. She…

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Gigi, Sara Jane, Taylor and Stevie

The girls are getting so good at greeting one another when they come into the studio. We have been working on our social skills. And you thought they were just here to learn art? Not so:) We had business to take care of at the first of class. I told the girls when it is…

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