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“Riley’s Studio”

Riley is taught one-on-one therefore she thinks this is her studio! I love her enthusiasm! We started class off by going over her giraffe – making the lines deeper for the printing. After going over the lines, we gathered all the supplies for printing. She informed me  - “I am a pretty good helper!”- so Riley helped me gather all the equipment. We printed several prints of the giraffe. We changed the color of ink and paper with every print. When changing color of ink, we had to clean all the equipment. My helper was cleaning ALL the equipment after 1 change of ink color. While we printed, we discussed her first week of preschool. Riley informed me that she has the “CUTEST  BOY  EVER” in her class. I asked her what made this young man so cute – she replied – “His shoes!” Oh, really? A conversation with Riley is always a true ‘eye opener.’

Next week we are going to start a mixed media collage. We are also going to finish her visual journal cover. It is pink so far. Duh! See Riley next week!

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