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Scarlett and Cade

Cade came to the studio today with Scarlett to make up a class. The 2 artists were a little bashful at first but when we started creating the smiles and talk came around:) Scarlett and Cade worked on an Elements of Art exercise. They drew 5 types of lines, shapes, a color wheel and I helped them write their names. I used several vocabulary words while they worked – vertical, horizontal, diagonal. After the kids finished this exercise they each worked on an acrylic painting. Cade decided he wanted to paint a shark like Scarlett is painting. They both love sharks! Cade painted his ocean. I explained to Cade that the ocean gets darker the deeper it goes. Scarlett drew her shark with a little of help. She decided to paint her shark pink:) Of course! It was fun having Scarlett and Cade together. Enjoy the pics:)


Vivi and Lizzy

These young artists were ready to finish their paintings yesterday so they could start on a new project. Lizzy finished her bald eagle and Vivi finished her kitten. I introduced the artists to their next project – amantes from Mexico. In Mexico these folk art paintings are done on fig tree bark paper. The main subject matters are birds. In the past, in a certain area of Mexico, the people believed that birds protected their homes. The birds were painting in a stylized form – not realistic. Lizzy and Vivi began drawing their birds on some brown paper representing the fig tree bark paper. They both chose to draw an owl.:) P.S. We reviewed the definitions of horizontal, vertical and dimensions.  We also found Mexico on my globe along with the 5 oceans, equator and the N. and S. Hemispheres.

Taylor, Lucy and Trey

We started class with a blind contour line drawing. I explained to the artists that they could not look at their paper or lift their pens. This exercise trains the eye to see every detail of the subject matter. The drawings always turn out real funny looking. I told the artists that they could not talk while drawing. They were very serious and quiet while they drew. I was super proud of them! They giggled when they looked at the finished products. Trey worked on his nonobjective abstract with acrylic paint. He will cut up the painting into squares then glue the squares down on a piece of stiff paper randomly. Taylor worked on her fairy symmetrical project. She is having so much fun with all the detail. Lucy worked on her symmetrical project too. She is creating a butterfly. Enjoy the pics:)


Channing immediately ran to Tracy when she came in the studio this morning. She loves Tracy! After tickling Tracy’s feet, Channing worked on her nonobjective abstract painting in acrylic. This is the painting that I cut up into squares and she glued back together randomly. It is so cool. Channing will get to take the painting home next week after I varnish it. Channing started her new project about “proportion” as a Principle of Art. I am not real sure she got the idea of “proportion” or not, but after we work on her project she’ll start to understand. Mom and Dad, I’ll need a photo of Channing about 4 inches tall. The photo will be a part of the proportion collage. Class always go by so fast with Channing. She is great at keeping Ms. Ronda very busy!!:)P.S. In the second photo she is showing off her wavy brushstrokes!

Bennett and Kate

Bennett and Kate had a great class yesterday. I didn’t have an Art History lesson – we are trying to get ready for the Art Show. The young artists are working like busy bees:) Kate worked on her nonobjective abstract in acrylic. After she finishes with the coloring part, Kate will put in some detail with black and white paint. Once she is completely finished, Kate will cut the painting up into 1″ squares. The squares will be glued back into an 11″x14″ rectangle randomly. Way cool! She has had so much fun mixing her colors. Bennett worked on his illuminated manuscript. Sir Bennett is very careful about choosing his color schemes. He is doing a splendid job. Bennett is excited about the manuscript being in the studio show. Enjoy the pics:)


Scarlett’s class yesterday was so much fun! Not sure of what half she says but we have fun! She was in the studio yesterday for a make up class. Scarlett worked on her nonobjective abstract painting with acrylic paint. I reviewed Kandinsky and his abstract paintings. We found Russia on the globe and all the oceans. Scarlett worked on her NOA, adding color and all sorts of interesting brushstrokes:) I learned from Kayci, mommy, that Scarlett is fascinated with sharks. Not very many girls are into sharks! While her NOA was dying, Scarlett and I decided it would be a grand idea to create a painting of a shark. We found the perfect shark on my iPad. Scarlett painted the ocean for her background. Friday she will work on her NOA and her shark painting. Enjoy the pics:)

Gigi, Sara Jane, Stevie & Taylor

It’s so much fun to see these young artists run into the studio. They are always so excited to get started! Stevie finished her nonobjective abstract. Taylor and Stevie will glue their paintings back together next week. I have already cut the paintings into 1″ squares. They will glue the pieces randomly to create another NOA. Yay!!! These projects are turning out so cool!! Taylor then worked on her “symmetrical” project. She is creating a fairy with wings, of course. Taylor is creating a very elaborate fairy! Stevie, Gigi and Sara Jane could hardly wait to start their animalitos. Animalitos are from Mexico. The artists will make them out of paper maiche. They will paint and decorate their animalitos. I demonstrated how to begin with the wadded up newspaper to form the bodies of the animals. We used a lot of tape!!! I mean a whole lot of tape:))) Stevie is making a seahorse, Gigi a penguin and Sara Jane a polar bear. Enjoy the pics:)

Reese, Kylie, Olivia and Alexis

I think it truly hit Reese today that women can talk a lot! He sat in pure amazement:) The kids worked but carried on lively conversations the whole time. Well, the girls did at least. Reese worked on his pen and ink of a coati. He is doing a great job. It is just a slow process. Once that ink is on the paper there is no erasing. Reese is being so careful. Kylie worked on her nonobjective abstract in acrylic. I will cut the painting into 1″ squares and she will glue it back together in random order next week. While her painting was drying, Kylie worked on her mixed media collage. It is coming along really well. Alexis is ready to glue her painting back together, too. All the NOA paintings are turning out so different. So cool! Olivia started gluing her NOA together. The artists really have to pay attention when they are gluing the squares together. The rows of squares have to be very straight. I really enjoy this class. There is never a dull moment. The hour flies by! Enjoy the pics:) Note the look Reese is giving Kylie!