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Lauren, Breagan and Vivi

Vivi was a visitor again in class on Monday. She is all caught up now with her make ups. Breagan and Lauren worked on their nonobjective abstracts in acrylics. Breagan finished the black detail part. Lauren is almost ready for the black. Next week Breagan will glue her 1″ squares back together in random order. I have already started cutting her painting up into squares. Vivi worked on her acrylic painting of her kitten. She is doing such a great job. Vivi finished putting texture in the pink carpet. Friday Vivi will finish the detail on her kitten then start on the background detail. The girls enjoyed looking at each other’s projects and seeing the progress. I love my little artists! I cherish their enthusiasm!


Mom walked Jack to the door of the studio and he never looked back! Jack loves to come to the studio. Makes my heart warm! Jack worked on his farm scene. He is using acrylic paint. Jack painted the grass and the sky. Next week he will add some mountains and clouds. We will make a list of the items Jack wants to add to the farm scene. While his paint was drying, I introduced the “gelli” printing plates to Jack. He was thrilled. He made a horse print from a horse mask. We will definitely do more printmaking after Jack finishes his painting. I am learning that Jack is very particular:) We had to tape down allllll his palette paper – alllll the way around. That was a lot of tape! But that is what Jack wanted so we did some major taping. Enjoy the pic.

Emma, Emily, Presley and Kendall

These girls make it a great way to end my week of teaching. They are so  much fun to have in the studio! We started class with a blind contour drawing sketch. The girls could not look at their paper and could not lift their pens off the paper. I had 5 objects set up for the still life. The girls did a super job. I told them they couldn’t talk while they drew. I think that was the hardest part. This practice makes the artist slow down and really study the still life. The girls worked on their projects after the still life. Presley worked on her painting and finished it! Yay!!! Emma and Emily worked on their NOA paintings. They will paint the nonobjective abstracts in acrylic on paper. After completed, they will cut the painting up into 1″ squares then glue the squares back together in different order. Way cool! Next week they will work on their manuscripts getting them ready for the show. Kendall worked on her illuminated manuscript. It is really detailed. She started working with Prismas. Kendall put a lot of thought into the colors she wanted to use. Enjoy the pics!

Trey, Lucy and Taylor

It was so good to see these 3 young artists this afternoon. They all ran into the studio. I love that eagerness:) Taylor and Trey worked on their nonobjective abstracts. They are using acrylic paint. Next week Trey will add black and white details. Taylor will cut her painting into 1″ squares and reassemble it in a different order. Way cool. Lucy worked on her symmetrical project. Her butterfly  looks amazing! Lucy painted the background for her butterfly in watercolor. We had an Art History lesson at the end of class. I forgot to get pics of the kids. We were a little busy! The top pic is Lucy’s butterfly. The middle is Trey’s NOA. The last one is Taylor’s NOA. Oh, and Taylor started working on her symmetrical project. She is drawing a fairy. Enjoy the pics:)


It was so good to see Cade today! And those dimples!!! Cade is such a sweet young man:) We looked at several famous farm scene paintings. We studied a couple of Grant Wood’s paintings. Cade was very meticulous about the farm scene he chose to study. We looked a SEVERAL! His little fingers are so cute touching my iPad:) Cade drew and painted his barn, tractor and a baby chick. We have a list of things to add to the farm scene. Oh, he also painted a creek. Enjoy the pics:)



Channing was so happy to be at the studio today. She said – “It’s a wonderful day to be here!” Well that made my day:) Channing worked on her nonobjective abstract. She is using acrylic. After Channing is done with the painting, we will cut the painting into 1″ square pieces then glue it back together randomly. Way cool! Channing picked a bunch of her colors today. She wanted “fascinating” colors. I love the vocabulary Channing uses! After all the painting, we had an Art History lesson. Channing had to love on Tracy several times during class. She said Tracy would miss her after class was over. You think? Enjoy the pics:) Love that girl!

Bennett and Kate

These 2 young artists are so much fun to teach because they are so talented and so very enthusiastic about art. Kate worked on her nonobjective abstract. She loves mixing new colors. This painting is in acrylic. After Kate is done painting, she will cut the painting up into 1″ squares then glue the pieces back together randomly, making a new nonobjective abstract. Bennett worked on his very detailed illuminated manuscript. Bennett thinks at great length about the designs he creates and also his color choice. He will use Prisma and metallic paint. We had an Art History lesson – Early Renaissance. The  kids are great at remembering the facts they learned in previous lessons. Enjoy the pics:)

Taylor, Stevie, Gigi and Sara Jane

This is a newly combined class and the kids are really enjoying getting to know one another. Three different schools are represented so the girls have a variety of school stories to tell. And tell. And tell! Wowzers, there is not a shy one in in the bunch:) I love it! All three artists worked on their nonobjective abstracts. I cut Sarah Jane and Gigi’s paintings up into 1 ” squares. The girls carefully glued the squares back together randomly. They worked so hard at keeping the squares in straight lines. I was so proud of them. No rushing here! Taylor and Stevie’s paintings are almost ready to cut up. They have a little more black detailing to do. We ran out of time for AH but I’ll get the girls caught up next week. Enjoy the pics!