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Olivia, Alexis, Reese and Kylie

These young artists have really created a bond – a friendship bond. They love catching up on school stories. With 2 different schools represented, the kids have a variety of stories to share. The artists worked on their nonobjective abstracts. They are using acrylic paint. This is the project in which the kids will cut up into 1″ squares then glue back together in random order. All the projects are turning out so different. It’s cool to look at all of the projects, even from other classes. We had an Art History lesson – Early Renaissance. Note the AH category. In reviewing the facts about the Renaissance , the young artists are remembers the facts. Yay!!! Enjoy the pics:)

Breagan, Lauren with Lizzie and Vivi visiting:)

Breagan and Lauren had 2 visitors today   – Lizzie and Vivi. They had a make up class. We started class with an Art History lesson. Note the AH category. Breagan and Lauren are almost done with their NOA paintings. Next week they will add the black for detail. The last part of the project is cutting the painting up into 1″ squares. The girls will glue the squares onto a piece of stiff paper randomly. Way cool! They  are having so much fun mixing their own paint. Oh, we had to look at Breagan’s rattlesnake tail she brought in the studio! Wowzers! That must have been a big snake! So glad she didn’t get bit! Vivi and Lizzie worked on their paintings. Lizzie is painting a bald eagle and Vivi a kitten. Lizzie has to finish the trees around the eagle. Vivi is working on the pink carpet. She is adding texture. Enjoy the pics!


It was so good to start my week with Jack this morning. He loves to run into the studio. I’m not 100% sure of what all he says during class but we have a good time:) Jack finished his “Dinosaur in a Thunderstorm” today. He finished a “variety” of plants. We measured the black paper. I showed Jack the ruler with 12 inches. We counted the inches several times!!!! I helped Jack glue the T-rex and all the plants. He was thrilled about his glitter lightening. Jack will start a farm scene for his next project.

September 14-18 Early Renaissance

This week we are going to study the “Gates of Paradise” – the eastern doors to the Baptistery of Florence – Baptistery of San Giovanni. These doors were created by Ghiberti 1425-52, Early Renaissance. The doors are 17 ‘ tall and weigh 3 tons. The panels of the doors depict scenes from the New Testament. The door panels are bronze. We are also going to study “The Sacrifice of Issac” by Ghiberti. He created this bronze panel for a competition. The winner of the competition – creating the door of the Baptistery.

Art History – September 8-11th, 2015

This week in Art History we are going to be studying “St. Mark” by Donatello, Early Renaissance, Italy. Florence, Italy was the birth place of the Renaissance. “St. Mark” is a marble statue in a niche on the outside of Orsanmichele Church in Florence. The statue was made from 1411-13. It stands 7’9″. “St. Mark” stands in contrapposto – meaning counterpose. The spine is curved due to the relaxed angle of the hips and legs.  You can see the first example of contrapposto in the statue – “Doryphorus” by Polykleitos dated 440 B.C. Greek. Note the last photo on this page – jamb statues on the Chartres Cathedral in France, 1100′s. There is no sign of contrapposto in the jams statues. It is so interesting how the artwork changed during time due to the needs of society. During the Gothic ATP, when the jamb statues were created, one of the main ideas of creating statues to decorate cathedrals was to educate the people about Christianity. The human form in the artwork did not look natural. The Renaissance was about the “rebirth of the Greek classics” – getting back to the perfect human form. Now back to St. Mark – note the realistic way the drapery hangs on the body. You can even see the veins in his hands. Enjoy the pics:)

Kylie, Olivia and Alexis

It was good to see the girls yesterday. We missed our one guy though. Reese was having oral surgery. We missed his quick wit:) We had an Art History lesson to start the class. The girls are doing great when we review the information they have already learned about the Early Renaissance. Alexis finished her illuminate manuscript. As you can tell it turned out gorgeous. Olivia is almost done with her manuscript – just a little more coloring on the background. Ky;lie worked on her mixed media collage. She painted over the music sheets she glued down to the background. Kylie then painted the guitar again. Alexis started a new project – a nonobjective abstract done in acrylic. She will cut it up into 1″ squares when done and reassemble it creating another NOA. Way cool. This class is a newly put together class. Is that proper grammar? Anyway, they are getting along great. Enjoy the pics:)

Jacki and Ann

Jacki and Ann were the only 2 artists in their class this morning. It’s always fun to have my ladies in the studio. I have 2 classes of ladies – one on Tuesday and the other on Thursdays. We mainly talk about how ready we are for fall, how to keep cool in this hot weather and grandkids. We do art during all the conversations:) Jacki finished her pencil drawing of the mountains and barn. She brought it to class so we could see it framed. It does look amazing! Beautiful full value scale! Now Jacki is working with soft pastels. She is creating a couple of beach scenes. She has decided that pastels are definitely her “thing!” Ann is working on an acrylic painting of a wolf. She drew the wolf today on paper then transferred it to a canvas. Ann has decided to try pastels on her next project. I so enjoy my ladies. We have created true friendships while creating art:)

Lauren and Breagan

I’ve had these 2 girls since they were 3! Now they are in 3rd grade. Love them to pieces! We started class yesterday with Art History – Early Renaissance. Note the AH category. The girls retain so much of the Art History. Makes my heart sing:) Breagan and Lauren continued to work on their nonobjective abstracts in acrylic. We will cut the paintings up into 1″ squares and reassemble randomly. Can’t wait! The artists have taken art from me for so long that they can mix their own paint and come up with some beautiful colors. They are both so talented it makes my job easy! After this project we may do animalitos again. They have been begging me for a month! I think they just like to get messy with the paper mache! Enjoy the pics:) I almost forgot, Lauren finished her symmetrical dragonfly! She named it “Daisy.”