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Jack is a happy artist to get my week started! He came running into the studio this morning. We started class with an Art History lesson. Note AH category. We reviewed the 5 basic shapes using oil pastel and watercolor. Before working on his dinosaur, we looked at “Tiger in a Thunderstorm” by Rousseau for review. Jack is painting a dinosaur in a thunderstorm. I discussed “variety” with Jack. He will draw and paint a “variety” of plants for his jungle. Jack finished drawing and painting his dinosaur. He also drew and painted a tree for the background. Jack will create several more plants for his jungle. Enjoy the pics. Oh, that pic of Jack making a face is a mean T-Rex face:)

Art History August 31st – September 4th

This week we are going to study the “Columba Triptych”, Columba Cathedral, Cologne Germany. The Cathedral was first built in 1255 – High Gothic. The altarpiece was placed behind the priest in the cathedral. It is oil on oak panel. The center piece – “The Adoration of the Magi” – is 54″x60″. The sides are 54″x27th. A “triptych” is a 3 piece altarpiece. It can be open or closed.

The left panel – “The Annunciation” – is Gabriel telling Mary she will be the mother of Jesus. The dove symbolizing the dove descending from heaven at the baptism of Christ. The dove represents the Holy Spirit. Mary is at devotion when Gabriel enters her room. There is a small relief of the “Fall of Man” on the side of the devotion table.

The center piece – “The Adoration of the Magi” – Mary is the only person dressed in blue to emphasize her importance. There is a crucifixion above the manger scene. The kings are dressed in ornate clothing. Note the landscape in the background – typical of Early Renaissance. The Renaissance was a time of learning – geology, science, anatomy, astronomy etc. In several Renaissance paintings you can notice landscapes in the background due to the study of geology.

The right panel – “The Presentation” – this takes place at the temple 40 days after the birth of Christ. Adam joins Mary along with her assistant holding the basket of doves. The people on the right are Simeon (reaching for Christ) and Anna. The other people are witnesses. Enjoy:)



Well these girls make for a very interesting class. They are a pure joy to teach. High five parents for teaching these girls such good manners! We started class by studying Mondrian. We looked at several of his paintings. I discussed society in the early 1900′s and how it effected the artists. The girls created their own Mondrian with construction paper and black tempera paint. Gigi, Sara Jane and Stevie worked on their nonobjective abstract paintings. It is a really cool project. After the paintings are finished, we will cut them up into 1″ square pieces then reassemble them randomly. Way cool. The girls had so much fun mixing their own colors. Enjoy the pics:)

Emma and Emily

These 2 girls are so much fun to teach. Next week we’ll have Presley and Kendall back in class. To start the class I introduced Mondrian to the girls. We looked a several of his paintings. I discussed WWI and how it effected society and the artists. Mondrian thought society should be more structured and organized -thus his paintings. The girls created their own Mondrian paintings with construction paper and black tempera paint. Emily and Emma both worked on their illuminated manuscripts. We had some interesting conversations:) Enjoy the pics.

Lizzy, Vivi & Cade

Yesterday we started class with a study of Mondrian. I showed the kids several Mondrian paintings. The artists created their own Mondrian paintings with construction paper and black tempera paint. I emphasized the vertical and horizontal directions of the shapes and lines. The kids did a great job. Cade finished his self portrait. I think it looks just like him! Lizzy worked on her painting of a bald eagle. Vivi worked upon her painting of a kitten. She completed the background. Enjoy the pics:)


Scarlett came into the studio this morning with the biggest grin on her face. I adore this little artist! To start her lesson Scarlett worked on her self portrait background. I showed Scarlett the Matisse painting – “Woman in a Red Hat.” I showed Scarlett the background. She did her background with oil pastel and watercolor. It turned out fabulous as you can see! I could just squeeze this little girl! After her portrait, Scarlett worked on her Cezanne – “Still Life With Apples.” She completed the still life. All we have to do next week is add the glitter to the purple cookies! Yay!!! Her next project will be a Jackson Pollock. I almost forgot, Scarlett also created a Mondrian painting today with construction paper and tempera:))) Enjoy the pics:)

Presley, Trey, Lucy and Taylor

It was great to see these young artists yesterday afternoon. Presley came back to the studio yesterday after a very busy summer. It was super good to see her. We started class with an Art History lesson – Early Renaissance. Note AH category. We also studied several of Mondrian’s paintings. The artists created their own Mondrian painting with construction paper and black tempera paint. I emphasized the vertical and the horizontal directions of mondrian’s paintings. The paintings turned out really cool. Presley worked on her painting of some country property they own. She was excited about painting again. Trey worked on his nonobjective abstract painting. I discussed with Trey the project – we will cut up the painting when done and glue it back together randomly. Lucy worked on her Mondrian the whole time. She paid special attention to the arranging of the shapes. Taylor worked on her rhino animalito. She is finishing the decorating. All Taylor has to do now is outline all the designs in black. Enjoy the pics and have a great weekend.:)


Bennett and Kate

This is also going to be a super class. Kate and Bennett both appreciate art so much. I am blessed to be their art teacher. I enjoy these 2 young artists very much. We started class with an Art History lesson. Still in the Early Renaissance – note AH category on blog. We all learned a new word – “magnificat.” I had never studied this Botticelli painting. I love introducing works to the kids that I haven’t studied in the past. I so enjoy learning more AH:))) They also learned the term – “tondo” – it comes from the word “rotunda.” Bennett worked on his palette knife painting of his grandmother’s property. He will be done next week! I promise! He has been so patient with all the layering. Bennett will continue to work on his illuminated manuscript after this painting. Kate finished her illuminated manuscript except for going over some lines with a Sharpie. She is very proud of her manuscript. Kate’s work is always so neat. I gave a pat on the back for that. Kate will start a new project next week. She will paint an acrylic nonobjective abstract on watercolor paper. We looked a several Kandinsky paintings. After painting the abstract, Kate will cut the painting up into 1″ squares and assemble it randomly creating another nonobjective abstract. Way way cool! Enjoy the pics:)