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Gigi, Sara Jane and Stevie

Now this is going to be a great class. The girls get along so well. They all love the studio and art:) Makes my heart warm! We started with an Art History lesson – still in Early Renaissance. I learned a new word along with the girls  - “magnificat.” Look at the art history category. They also learned – “tondo”, “diameter.” We found Italy, the oceans, the equator and the N. and S. Hemispheres on my vintage globe. Sara Jane and Gigi finished their crayola layering project. They were thrilled to be done. The girls started their next project – a nonobjective painting in acrylic. We looked a several Kandinsky paintings. After the artists finish their paintings we will cut the paintings up into 1″ squares then reassemble the pieces randomly. Way cool! The girls had fun mixing their own paint. I am so proud of them. They knew not to mix complementary colors. Stevie worked on her amante and finished it. She added the black outline around all the images. She was very proud of the finished artwork. Stevie will start the project Gigi and Sara Jane are working on next week. Enjoy the pics:)

Olivia, Alexis, Reese and Kylie

Olivia and Alexis joined Reese and Kylie in the Tuesday class for the fall. The kids got a long great! Wet started class with an Art History lesson – Early Renaissance. Note the category on the front page of my blog. I reviewed the Early Renaissance and asked the kids several questions. They did a great job of answering the questions. There was little competition going on there!

Reese worked on his pen and ink of a coati. He changed a few of the facial proportions. Kylie worked on her mixed media collage. First Kylie had to measure the background into squares. I love to see a teenager with a ruler!!! She cut several squares of the song she is adding to the background. She then glued the squares down. Alexis and Olivia worked on their illuminated manuscripts. They were both filling in the backgrounds with Prismas. They are almost done. One more lesson should do it:) Enjoy the pics. I realized after I took pics that they all have blue eyes!

Breagan and Lauren

It’s always so good to see these girls. I have had them since they were 3! They are in 3rd grade now. I can’t believe they are getting so old. We started class with an Art History lesson – Early Renaissance. We found Italy, the oceans, the equator and the N and S Hemispheres on my globe. I have to get more challenging with my globe. These girls know it all:) Lauren painted the background for her symmetrical dragon fly. We’ll glue it down next lesson. Breagan finished her palette knife painting of her bear. He turned out really ferocious! The girls worked on their nonobjective abstracts. They are using acrylic paint. Lauren and Breagan had so much fun mixing their own colors. They have been with me for so long they are pros at it. Next week, the girls will probably finish the painting part, then we’ll begin cutting it into 1″ squares. Can’t wait!


Sadler came to the studio yesterday ready for art and football. He had practice right after art. This football player is amazing at calligraphy. Yesterday we measured and drew the lines for some calligraphy. Sadler is going to write a Bible verse or a song. I emphasized to Sadler how important it is to make sure all the lines are super straight. He measured and drew with precision. We had an art history lesson – Early Renaissance. Next week Sadler will start the calligraphy in pencil.

Cade, Vivi and Lizzy

It was good to see these 3 young artists Friday afternoon. They were ready for art! Cade worked on his self portrait. I discussed the proportions of the face. I explained the words – iris and pupil. His irises are a little big but what the heck:) Cade watercolored his self portrait. For his next lesson he will work on the background. Lizzy glued her dragon fly to the background. It looks so cool. Lizzy started a painting of a bald eagle. She worked upon the background – a forest. Lizzy drew the eagle and transferred it to the canvas. Vivi completed her symmetrical dragonfly. She painted the background in watercolor. For her painting, Vivi chose to paint a kitten. She found a black and white kitten like her kitten at home.  Vivi is so excited about painting. We had an art history lesson somewhere in that hour:)

Art History for August 24th -28, 2015

For this week in Art History we will study  - “Madonna of the Magnificat” , Botticelli, Italian Early Renaissance, 1480-81, tempera on panel, 46″x47″. This is a “tondo”  - a round painting. The Madonna is being crowned by angels – the Queen of Heaven. Madonna is holding Jesus. The rest of the people are angels. Jesus is holding a pomegranate symboling “passion”. Mary is writing the “Magnificat” – a hymn, the song of Mary. Botticelli used more gold in this painting than any other painting he created – this leads us to believe that it was a commissioned piece.



Taylor was the only one in her class today. Lucy and Trey were gone on a trip. Taylor worked on her very cool rhinoceros animalito. She is painting some super detailed designs. The designs reminded me of the painted elephants in India – soooo we had to look those up on the iPad. Taylor was very impressed. She is almost done with the rhinoceros. Probably one more lesson will finish it up. We discussed some future projects for her – kodras of Russia, a palette knife painting and a illuminated manuscript. Taylor has a lot to do in the studio. Yay!!! We had an art history lesson. Still in the Early Renaissance – note the category on front page of blog.

Breagan and Lauren

Well we have already discussed our next sleepover!!! We are going to wait until it gets cool. We have a lot planned:) We started class with an Art History lesson. Note the category on the front page of my blog. Lauren worked on the body of her dragonfly. It looks so cool. She chose the complementary colors of her background without me even telling her!!! Breagan glued  ”Glory the Fairy” to her background. She looks amazing! Breagan started the next project – nonobjective cut up collage. We discussed a couple of Kandinsky’s paintings. Breagan started the nonobjective painting with acrylic paint. She really took her time in mixing just the right colors. I love teaching both the girls. They are so talented. I am looking forward to having them in the studio this fall – so many projects planned!