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Gigi and Sara Jane

Gigi and Sara Jane came running into the studio yesterday like they do every week. We started class with an Art History lesson. The girls worked on their crayon ocean scenes. They have the layering technique down pat. Their next project will be a nonobjective cut up collage. It is a new project that is really cool. These girls are so much fun to teach because of their excitement about art – makes my job so much fun!

Alexis, Kate and Olivia

It’s always good to see these girls in the studio. They love the studio and they enjoy each other’s company. We started class with an Art History lesson. Note AH category on my blog. The girls remembered so much from the last lesson on Early Renaissance. I was impressed! The artists worked on their illuminated manuscripts. They are almost done. As you can tell the manuscripts are very detailed. After this project, the girls will work on a cut up painting collage. We will study several of Kandinsky’s nonobjective abstracts before they start the project. It should be a really cool project. Enjoy the pics:)

Cade, Lizzy and Vivi

These cousins were in the studio yesterday for a make up class. It was so good to see them. Cade finished his “Dinosaur in a Thunderstorm.” He named it “Sharptooth.” Cade will start a self portrait next. Lizzy worked on her background for her symmetrical wings project. She used the glitter watercolor. Lizzy also started a painting of a bald eagle. Vivi worked on her symmetrical wings project. She finished the wings then she started designing the body of her dragonfly. She will color the body next time. We had an art history lesson. Note the AH lesson in the categories on the front page of my blog.

Kylie and Reese

These 2 ¬†artists are so much fun to teach. I have had them in class for so long. We have a lot of very interesting conversations:) Yesterday we started class with an Art History lesson. Note the AH in categories on the front page of my blog. Kylie worked on her mixed media project. She stamped the title of a song all the way around the border. She had ink on her face and arms. That’s Kylie! Reese worked on his pen and ink drawing of a coatie. He worked for awhile on his practice drawing. Reese then worked on the good piece of paper. He was a little scared. Once that ink is on there it’s not coming off. He finally got more comfortable working. Enjoy the pics;)

Emma, Emily and Libby

Libby came to Emma and Emily’s class today for a make up. It was good to see the girls. This was their last class before the fall schedule next week. We had an Art History lesson – note the AH category on my blog. Emma worked on her book. She finished gluing all the edges to the cardboard. Emma finished varnishing her peacock – so “Marie” got to go home today:) Libby and Emily worked on their illuminated manuscripts. ¬† The girls have really enjoyed creating the manuscripts. Enjoy the pics:)


Today was Sadler’s last summer class. He will be on fall schedule next week. I heard all about his trip to Disney World – food, rides, food, food, food:) Typical boy:) We had an AH lesson – note the Art History category on the front page of my blog. He asked if he could make some marblized paper with shaving cream and paint. Sadler included some metallic paint and as you can tell it turned out way cool. Next week, we will continue with his calligraphy.


Today was Jack’s first art lesson in the studio. I teach Jack’s sister, Lucy, and his brother, Trey. Finally it’s Jack’s turn for a lesson:) We started class by drawing the 5 basic shapes in oil pastel. Jack painted over the shapes with watercolor. Green and blue are definitely his favorite colors. We looked at several paintings of Jesus blessing the children. I showed Jack the halos. To start his first project – Dinosaur in a Thunderstorm- we looked at Rousseau’s painting – Tiger in a Thunderstorm. I discussed the “variety” of plants. Rousseau was from France so we found France on the globe. We also found the 5 oceans. Jack started drawing his dinosaur. Jack also painted a color wheel. He made his own secondary colors. Enjoy the pics:)

Art History – August 16-20, 2015

This week we will be studying the fresco – “Christ Delivering the Keys of the Kingdom to St. Peter”, 1481-2. The fresco is in the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Rome. The painting is by Perugino – Early Renaissance. It is 11′x18′. Pope Sixtus the IV commissioned Perugino. The fresco refers to Matthew 16. Christ is delivering the keys to St. Peter so to give St. Peter the authority to allow people into heaven. The disciples are to the left of Christ. Judas is the 5th disciple – note he is dark representing his fate. The people to the right are important people of society. Perugino painted himself looking out at the viewer. In the background on the left the figures represent “Tribute Money” by Masaccio. To the right the figures represent the “Stoning of Christ.” ¬†Perspective was first studied in the Early Renaissance – note the strong 1 point perspective, also the atmospheric perspective.