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Lizzy had class this morning. We had a one-on-one class:) Lizzy worked on her symmetrical wings project. She is creating a dragon fly. Today she colored in the body and worked on the wings. For Art History we studied Caravaggio’s painting – “The Conversion of St. Paul”, Baroque, 1600′s. I reviewed the story in the Bible about God striking Paul (Saul) blind. I discussed the crowded composition emphasizing the subject matter. Enjoy the pics:)

Stevie, Lucy, Trey, Kate and Taylor

We had a variety of projects going this afternoon in the studio. Stevie and Lucy worked on their amantes – the Mexican artwork. Lucy finished her amante. Trey worked on his eagle with symmetrical wings project. He watercolored the background. Taylor worked on her desert scene. She drew a thorny desert lizard. Taylor even cut out the lizard all by herself – there are at least 30 spikes! Kate worked on her illuminated manuscript. She painted the “K” and the swords silver. The kids enjoyed looking at everyone’s projects. The hour flew by – we were quite busy! Enjoy the pics.


Breagan was the only artist in her class today – everyone else is traveling. Breagan is working on her fairy symmetrical wings project. She is doing such a great job. Look at all the detail. Breagan has worked so hard to make the fairy’s wings as symmetrical as possible. I adore the body of the fairy. She colored the body with Prismas. Next week she will continue working on the wings with black Sharpie. Enjoy the pics.


I started my day with Channing’s lesson this morning. She immediately asked for cinnamon toast. My recipe is very special:) We first looked at several famous paintings of animals. One of the artist we studied was Franz Marc. After art history, Channing started painting her bat, but I think it is a pterodactyl now. She painted the pterodactyl then while the paint was wet she added more watercolor to spread. We decided we would put her pterodactyl on a piece of black paper. Channing started drawing and painting her plants for the prehistoric scene. She drew some very interesting plants. Enjoy the pics.

Alexis, Libby, Olivia and Kate

I absolutely adore these young ladies. I treated them to cinnamon toast. They were delighted. We started class with an Art History lesson. We studied Caravaggio’s painting, “The Conversion of St. Paul”, 1600-01, Italian Baroque. We reviewed the Reformation and the Counter Reformation. I discussed the crowded composition due to emphasizing the subject matter. The girls worked on their illuminated manuscripts. Note the photos. Alexis is making an “A”, Olivia a “D”, Libby all three of her initials, and Kate a “K.” They are using Prismas and metallic paint. They are doing a fantastic job. Enjoy the pics.

Breagan, Taylor and Caleb

It was good to see these kiddos tun into the studio this afternoon. We started class with an Art History lesson. We studied Caravaggio’s paintings “The Conversion of St. Paul” and “The Arresting of Jesus” , Italian Baroque, 1600′s. I reviewed the Bible stories then we studied the composition of the paintings. I discussed the crowded compositions which emphasized the drama. I defined the word “persecute.” The kids all worked on their projects. Caleb worked on his hawk symmetrical project. He inked in several areas black Sharpie. Caleb started the colored part of the body. Breagan worked on her fairy symmetrical project. It is so detailed! She started inking the fairy and all her designs. Taylor is still working on her desert scene. She wanted to add “all the animals the world”! Not sure we have that much room! She is so meticulous with her work. Enjoy the pics:)

Reese and Kylie

It’s always good to see these 2 artists. I have known them for so long. We have very interesting conversations! We started class with an Art History lesson. We studied more of Caravaggio’s paintings – Italian Baroque, 1600′s. We looked at ” The Arresting of Jesus”, “The Incredulity of St. Thomas” and “The Crucifixion of St. Peter.” We discussed the Reformation, Martin Luther, 95 Theses and the Counter Reformation. Reese started his drawing of a ? Now I can’t remember the name of the animal. It is an animal of the raccoon family that he saw in Mexico. He is going to do this animal in pen and ink. Kylie started organizing her collage. She made a color wheel and several notes in my collage books. She is really organized! Enjoy the pics:)