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It was great to see Sadler today as it always is on Mondays. We started class with an Art History lesson: “The Nativity with Angels and Prophets”, by Duccio, early 1300′s. Note the AH category. Sadler worked on his Pop Art self portrait. He finished it! Yay! As you can tell in the photograph the portrait looks amazing. He was quite proud also. Next week Sadler will start a city scene using Kandinsky’s technique of painting. Kandinsky was from Russia. He was part of the Expressionistic movement.

Art History – December 6-10, 2015

This week we will be studying the triptych – ” The Nativity with the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel” by Duccio – 1308, Siena Cathedral, Italy. This is a 3 paneled altarpiece for the Siena Cathedral. It was placed in the cathedral for 450 years. The medium is tempera. It dates 1308-11. The ATP is Byzantine. Isaiah and Ezekiel foretold the birth of Christ. Mary is enthroned by angels and saints. We will also look at a couple of photos pf the cathedral. I love Art History!!!

Emma, Emily, Kendall and Presley

We started class this week with an Art History lesson – “Madonna of the Book”, Botticelli, Early Italian Renaissance. The girls remembered some of the facts about the Renaissance. Yay!!! Some facts are soaking in!!! Emily and Kendall worked on their nonobjective abstracts. Presley worked on her kodra then her Pop Art self portrait. Emma worked on her Pop Art self portrait. I reviewed Andy Warhol and Robert Blake and pop Art. I showed the artists how to outline the highlighted areas. Next week they will chose the colors for the different areas they outlined. Emily and Kendall are coming to an extra class this week to finish their NOA. Yay!!! ┬áP.S. Emma escaped before I could get a pic of her, so I took a pic of her photo:)

Cinco and Hatley

I got to welcome 2 new young artists to the studio this week: Cinco and Hatley:) They are cousins. I had everything ready for the young artists. We started with a huge piece of paper and I reviewed the 5 basic shapes. The young artists drew, with my help, the 5 shapes in oil pastel. Hatley and Cinco chose their colors for the different shapes. We reviewed the colors as they worked. After drawing all the shapes and saying the proper names for the shapes several times, I broke out the glitter watercolors! They were so excited to paint. I discussed the brushes the artists used – naming the handle and the bristles. We felt several brush bristles! The artists painted over the oil pastel shapes. The pastels resist the watercolor. As the artists worked I discussed proper brushstrokes. Mmmmm – we’ll get there:) When Cinco and Hatley were done – they had masterpieces!!! Next week we will review shapes and then start their first project – Jazzy Jungle Cat. I love introducing young ones to art. What a joy:)

Cade and Channing

We started class this week with an Art History lesson – “The Madonna of the Book”, Botticelli, Early Italian Renaissance. We found Italy, the 5 oceans, the equator and the N. and S. Hemispheres on the globe. We also found several mountains that are quite bumpy on the globe. The young artists worked on their penguins. We reviewed “space” as an Element of Art. One penguin is smaller and in the background. The kids painted a snowy road for the penguins. They drew square and arched hats for the penguins. Of course we had to add decor to the hats. These are very fancy penguins:) We counted the pom poms and the shiny snowflakes they added to the hats. We love counting!!! We discussed “horizontal” and “vertical” during the lesson. These little ones are so cute together. They also LOVE Ms. Ronda’s cinnamon toast!

Scarlett and Jack

Scarlett had a visitor this week. Jack had a make up class with Scarlett. They hit it off. We looked at “Madonna of the Book”, by Botticelli. Jack was positive he had seen this Botticelli painting before. Mmmmm, not real sure about that:) We found Italy, the 5 oceans , the equator and the N. and S. Hemispheres on the globe. Jack painted his ocean for his shark painting. Scarlett added glitter to her proportion collage. Not little glitter, but a lot of glitter! She also drew and we cut out leaves for the flower stems. We counted the leaves several times. Jack was in on the counting, too. What a cute pair!

Gigi, Sara Jane, Stevie and Lucy

Ummmmm, these young artists keep me on my toes:) They are so excited about being in the studio. I think they win the enthusiasm award! They love art! These girls are always so ready to get started on their projects. We started class with an Art History lesson – Early Italian Renaissance, “Madonna of the Rock”, 1480-83. Now I usually have to regroup “their comments” back to the AH lesson. They crack me up of what they can think of saying during AH. A video of this class would be a hit on You Tube!!!! After AH, the girls worked on their projects. Stevie, Sara Jane and Gigi worked upon their animalitos. They are almost done. We reviewed that the animalitos are from Mexico. Lucy started her animalito. She is making a butterfly. Stevie also worked on her proportion collage. Sara Jane and Gigi also worked on their symmetrical projects. After Christmas I need to get the girls all working on the same project.


Bennett and Kate

I welcomed these two very talented young students into my studio. They are both so artistic. We started class with an Art History lesson – Early Italian Renaissance, “Madonna of the Book”, Botticelli, 1480-83. Bennett and Kate are like sponges because I question them when I am done with the Art History . They remember everything. The artists worked on their Pop Art self portraits. Bennett continued to paint his face. Kate traced her portrait through to good paper. She then started painting. They are both such meticulous painters. Kate and Bennett are doing a great job.