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Emily, Emma and Kendall

We had a very lively class this week as usual:) These girls bring a lot of creative energy to the studio. We started class by drawing a still life. Before the artists started, I discussed “Space” as an Element of Art – positive and negative space. The artists drew the still life. I told the girls they couldn’t talk while they drew so they could really concentrate. I was so proud of them! They didn’t talk!!! We also discussed proportion as they drew. After drawing the objects, I had the girls divide the negative space into sections. In each section they used crayons and decorated each section with a different pattern. By doing this the objects are left white. They worked on this activity for about 45 minutes. Emily and Kendall worked on their nonobjective abstracts with the rest of the class time. Emma finished her nonobjective abstract. After Thanksgiving our next project is a Pop Art self portrait. Enjoy the pics:)

Cade and Channing

These two artists are so cute together in class. There is a great creative bond going on there:) We started working on some penguins from Antarctica. We found Antarctica on the globe. We also found all the oceans. We discussed how cold it is in Antarctica. The artists started their project by creating a background with tissue paper and glue. We had really sticky fingers by the time we were done! I discussed the shape of an “arch” when the artists drew the bodies of the penguins. We added goggle eyes and a couple of hats. As we added the feet we counted all the feet we needed. As we glued the feet, we counted how many feet we had left to glue. We LOVE counting feet! In the next class we will add more hats and some scarves. One penguin is smaller than the other. We will place the smaller penguin in the back creating “space.” Awesome:)


Kate was solo in the studio this week. Her fellow student artist, Bennett, wasn’t able to come to class. Kate worked on an acrylic painting. She is doing a great job. After painting, Kate started working on her Pop Art self portrait. I discussed the Pop Art movement – early 1950′s. I showed Kate some of Andy Warhol’s work. I reviewed with Kate the meaning of an “icon.” Kate outlined the highlighted and dark areas on her photograph. In her next class she will transfer the outlining to a thick piece of paper. These self portraits will be painted.


Gigi, Sara Jane, Stevie and Lucy

We started class this week with a fun fall activity. I had the artists draw a big leaf then fill the leaf with tissue paper in fall colors. The girls used clear glue to adhere the tissue paper to the paper. The colors were so pretty when the artists overlapped the colored tissue paper. The activity took almost the whole lesson. The artists were working so hard to make their leaves nice and neat. After the leaves, Lucy and I discussed her next project, an animalito. She hasn’t decided what animal she will create. Sara Jane, Gigi and Stevie worked on their animalitos. They are painting the designs on the animals. We reviewed the animalitos originating in Mexico. I love the creative energy these young artists have in the studio.


Ciera and I started class this week by studying some stain glass windows created during the Arts and Crafts Movement – the late 1800′s through the early 1900′s. The stain glass ┬áis “symmetrical.” Ciera’s fairy project is “symmetrical.” Ciera worked on her fairy with the Prismas. I discussed with her the use of contrasting colors. For Ciera’s next lesson she will paint the background for her fairy.

Olivia, Reese and Kylie

These young artists are building a true bond here at the studio. They get along so well. Their conversations are hysterical. They banter with sarcasm yet admiration. It is so funny. For Art History we studied “Napoleon Crossing the Swiss Alps” by David in the early 1800′s and “The Blue Horses” by Frans Marc in the early 1900′s. I explained the history of the societies at the time of the paintings. We compared the 2 paintings. The artists’ remarks were interesting. I asked them some very analytical questions about the paintings. I like watching their brains turn:) We also studied Pop Art and Robert Blake. I gave the artists their b/w photos. They outlined the shaded and highlighted areas. One at a time they traced the outlines onto good paper at the glass door. After tracing the kids started choosing their colors from my paint chips. We enjoyed Reese’s commentary – he read to us ALL the names of the paint colors. Very entertaining! Enjoy the pics!

Lauren, Alexis and Taylor

These young artists got a lot done in the studio yesterday. It’s so cool that these young artists want to be in the studio. Sure does make my job a breeze! Alexis finished her palette knife painting of the dolphins. Yay! She added some highlighting and worked on the water. Next week she will varnish her painting and take it home. Taylor finished her kodra! Yay #2!!! I love all the detail Taylor added – pinecones and a bird’s nest:) Lauren finished the paper mache of her peacock body – animalito. She painted the tail with a dark blue with a little purple in it. She kinda painted the table too. Lauren and I are both messy painters! Next week Alexis and Taylor will work on their Pop Art self portraits. Lauren will work on her painting of a foal. She added another layer of green for the pasture. I sure do enjoy these artists.


I always look forward to Mondays, most people don’t. I look forward to my Mondays because Sir Germany comes to the studio. Sadler is working on a Pop Art self portrait. We reviewed Pop Art. I showed Sadler some of Robert Blake’s work. I discussed “icons’ with Sadler. Sadler painted his self portrait. He seems to really enjoy this project. Sadler is a very meticulous painter. That’s s good thing. He will add another layer of paint next week to even out the colors. As you can tell in the photo, Sadler is really concentrating. Enjoy the pic:)