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I saw Jack yesterday and today. He had a make up class on Monday. Jack is always so happy to come into the studio. His class is at 8:15 a.m. so I am still waking up. His smile definitely wakes me up. Jack made a huge fall leaf out of tissue paper and glue. He used fall colors in the leaf. Jack’s favorite color is green so he used A LOT of green. For Art History we studied “Napoleon Crossing the Swiss Alps” by Jacques Louis David, early 1800′s. I told Jack that Napoleon was a military leader and a emperor of France. He informed me that Napoleon was definitely a PIRATE! If you will note Napoleon’s hat, I think that is why Jack decided he was a pirate:) We found France on the globe along with the 5 oceans. After finishing his leaf, Jack worked on his farm scene. We looked at a farm painting by Edward Hicks 1780-1849. We identified all the animals. Jack finished his farm painting by adding details with black paint. Ummm, the objects may need identification on the back of the canvas, BUT I am sure Jack knows what everything is in the scene. I will varnish his painting and he can take it home next week.

Emma, Kendall and Emily

These young artists had a make up class yesterday. We started class by looking at some of Rembrandt’s India ink drawings, mostly of landscapes. I let the girls chose a picture of a landscape. All three of the pictures had barns in the landscapes. The artists then painted India ink sketches on newsprint. The sketches turned out really cool. They enjoyed adding the details. Emma and Kendall worked on their nonobjective abstracts in acrylic. Emily kept working on her India ink sketch. We missed Presley but she’ll be in next week’s class. Enjoy the pics:)

Ben, Trey, Kate and Libby

We had a conglomeration of creativity in this class this week. Ben and Trey worked on their designing animals. They created designs which created rhythm on their animals. Rhythm is a Principle of Art. Ben and Trey both started coloring in their designs. They will also create a background for the animals. Kate was making up a class. She is working on an acrylic painting. She is doing a fabulous job. Libby is my floating teenager. She comes to the studio when she can fit in a class with her busy senior year. She is painting a beautiful horse in acrylic. Enjoy the pics:)

Channing and Cade

These two young artists started coming to the studio for the same class. They do great together. They both like to keep an eye on the other one’s project. We worked on their molas from Mexico. We found Mexico on the globe along with the 5 oceans, the equator and the N & S Hemispheres. They love my vintage globe. We always have to find the whole in one of the oceans:) We reviewed making patterns and creating rhythm. The artists finished their animals and started on the backgrounds with strips of colored construction paper. Their next project is going to be making a book. We will learn about the origin of books:)


Bennett was solo Wednesday in the studio. Kate had a tennis match. Bennett worked on gluing his nonobjective abstract together to create another abstract. He glued the pieces onto a black piece of mat board. I had him leave a little black showing between each piece. The black really makes the colors pop. Bennett will start his next project next week – a Pop Art self portrait. I am excited about Bennett doing his self portrait. This young man is so talented:)

Gigi, Sara jane, Stevie and Lucy

Giggles and laughter fill the studio when these young artists are present for class. They absolutely love being at the studio. That makes my heart sing! Gigi, Sara Jane and Stevie worked on their animalitos. Each week we review the art history that goes along with each project. The girls are super at remembering all the facts. Lucy finished her nonobjective abstract she painted in acrylics. I took the girls photos for their next project – Pop Art self portraits. We will study Andy Warhol and Roy Lichenstein. Enjoy the pics:) Ummmm, just in case you aren’t sure about the animalitos: the first is a bear by Sara Jane, the next is Stevie’s seahorse and the last is Gigi’s penguin. Remember , we aren’t done yet!!!


Ciera is a newcomer to the studio but she fits right into the creative energy:) We started class by creating some marblized paper with shaving creme and paint. Ciera really enjoyed pouring the paint on the creme. She was very proud of her marblized paper. For her project, Ciera is working on a symmetrical fairy with Sharpie and Prismacolors. She has done a great job designing her fairy and the wings. For the background I will have Ciera watercolor a background to mount the fairy onto. I put her bookcover on her sketchbook. Ciera was so excited to see her Jackson Pollock bookcover all shiny from the varnish. Ciera and I have really bonded already. She is a super young lady and a great artist.

Olivia, Reese and Kylie

It is always good to see these young teens in the studio. This week Olivia worked on her kodra. Kodras are from Poland. They are a cut paper artwork. Olivia is creating a Native American scene with tee-pee, Indian and all sorts of animals. She is really enjoying the paper cutting. Kylie worked on her oil painting of Jojo. She worked on shading around Jojo’s muzzle. Reese worked on his ink drawing go a codi. He definitely appreciates ink drawings now. They take a long time to complete. The artists are going to start Pop Art self portraits for their next project.