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Mixed Media Collages

Several of the classes are working on the same project – Mixed Media Collages. We are about to wind these up. I want to get them ready for the Art Show Opening on the 27th of October. If you don’t see your artists picture posted with this summary  - I get so busy during class sometimes I forget to pick up my camera. Guess what I need to start doing is just take a class picture when we are done – after class. I have my camera on the table, but man – when we are in our art zone things get so busy!!!! The collages are coming along great. They are really busy and very colorful. These will need to be framed for the show but no glass on the frame. I will varnish them all so they will be super shiny. Bam!!! For Art History we celebrated Roy Lichtenstein’s – 1923-1997. He was a Pop Artist. I explained the characteristics of Pop Art. We looked at several of his oil paintings – “Wham”, “Blam”, “Blonde Waiting” and “Still Life With Silver Pitcher.” Hope everyone has a shazamful weekend!



Gigi, Madeline & Maggie

These young artists started their self portraits this week. First we talked about the proportions of the face. We studied “Doryphorus” by Polykleitos of the Greek A.T.P. We noted the location of the eyes, nose and mouth according to the facial proportions. Very interesting! Our eyes are NOT in the middle of our foreheads! The girls drew their “oval” faces – maybe not quite so oval but we thought they looked great. Of course I had a mirror in front of the young artists. After the artists drew their faces, we started on the background. We studied “Woman with a Hat” by Matisse for the background. The girls used oil pastels and watercolor. Wow, those are some colorful backgrounds!!!! Next week we will startpainting the faces. For Art History we celebrated Roy Lichtenstein’s – 1923-1997. He was a Pop Artist. We looked at several of his artworks – “Wham”, “Blam” & “Still Life With Pitcher.” Hope everyone has a grand weekend! Enjoy the cooler weather!


Reese, Alex, Parker, Kylie & Katie

I apologize again this week – we get so busy I forget to get a picture of the kids working. I did get a pic of their work after they left though. Sorry about that! We started working on the collages right away. We didn’t work in the visual journals. I want to get the collages done for the show. The artists added texture with modeling paste and detailed patterns with stencils and sponges. The effects are turning out really cool. The kids are enjoying this project. Remember this collage is a Mixed Media Collage – it is a typical Modern Art Collage – full of color and very busy. For Art History, we celebrated Roy Lichtenstein’s – 1923-1997. He was a Pop Artist. I explained Pop Art in Modernist Art.  We studied several of his oil paintings. A couple were related to WWII in his comic strip technique. Hope everyone has a grand Wednesday.


Lauren, Breagan & McKena

It’s never a dull moment with these 3 artists. We skipped the visual journal today so we could work on the collages the whole class period. We started off hearing all about the new addition to Lauren’s family – a new baby brother! She was so excited she was going to get a Big Sister sticker from the hospital! The artists started by added more texture to their collages. We added the texture with modeling paste. Then the girls added more detail with the patterned stencils. They used sponges with the stencils so that was a new experience. We celebrated Roy Lichtenstein’s yesterday. We looked at several of his Pop Art paintings. In the middle of our Art History lesson we learned that McKena went to a Rangers game. We also learned about compound words. They had learned about compound words at school Monday. Not real sure what all that had to do with Roy Lichtehstein, but they felt it was very important to add to the Art History lesson! Hope everyone has a grand Tuesday!



October news

Parents and Artists,

October tuition is due this week. Class schedules are as following: Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays classes – 5 lessons. Thursday classes – 4 lessons. Friday classes – 3 classes. The studio will be closed the 26th due to the Art Show Opening on the 27th. Saturday classes – 3 lessons.

I didn’t do much on the blog this week due to my pictures not loading. I think we figured it out though, so be looking for class summaries this week.

Remember the Art Show Opening is the 27th from 1-3:00 p.m. at the Forum.  It is a come and go event. You will deliver your artwork on the 24th-26th of October from 9-12:00. If you can’t deliver your art then, hopefully another supporter of the arts can deliver it for you. I will be teaching in the afternoons so I can’t be at the Forum. Please do not drop off your artwork other than the times listed. I do not want to bother the Forum workers.

If you have any questions about framing please let me know. I am looking forward to another great show! Have a super Monday. Thank goodness for cooler weather!

Art Show Information

The Art Show Opening is October 27th from 1-3:00 at the Forum on Speedway. It is a come & go event. All artists are asked to wear Sunday clothes. Please no shorts, t-shirts etc. We will have music and refreshments. To drop off your work at the Forum: I will be at the Forum from 9-12:00 Wednesday through Friday Oct. 24th, 25th & 26th. ALL WORK must be delivered at those time periods. I do not want to hassle the Forum staff with our artwork so please come to the Forum at those given times to deliver your work. I will be at the Forum Friday afternoon to set up. This is where I need volunteers to help me. We won’t have to haul tables this time. All the tables will be there already! Yippeeeee! I need at least 10 people to help set up. Please call me or text me if you can help. I would really appreciate it. On the number of artworks you can exhibit – 4-5 pieces per student if you have that many. All work must be framed. If you have any questions about the framing please call me. Also run into the studio when dropping of or picking up the kiddos – I’ll be glad to answer any questions. Hope everyone has a marvelouso day!

Parker, Alex, Reese & Katie

The artists started class with their visual journals. For one reason I like the journals is because they can learn new media techniques. This week they applied chalk pastels to the page then gessoed the pastel, blending the colors. They then wrote – “Nurture.” They were to list things they do to ‘nurture” themselves – what they do to relax. Reading and playing with their pets were the popular ways to relax. The artists then started working on their collages. They added texture with paste and detailed patterns with the stencils. We reviewed the idea behind a mixed media collage. They did a super job. These collages are 16×20. All they need is a frame. Hopefully they will finish for the show. I am going to hold back on the journals to dedicate more time to the collages for the show. Have a superb day!






Trey & Ava D.

Trey and Ava sure were busy as usual in the studio. We started off with the visual journals. The artists created a background for their activity – they used pastels and gesso. They then wrote the word “gratitude” on the page. They are to write or draw things they are grateful for. We’ll have cover their journals next week. They made Jackson Pollock covers. Way cool! We then pulled out the collages. They are coming along really well. The collages are 11×14 and will need just a frame. They added texture with paste and detail with stencils – making patterns. These should be ready by the show. Hope you all have a superb Thursday!