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Kate & Abby

Kate & abby got their start in the studio this week with their visual journals. The artists prepared a background by using chalk pastels and gesso. They then wrote the word “Nurture” on the page and listed ways they take care of themselves – like what they do to relax. Play with pets is the number one way the studio as a whole relaxes. Interesting about our furry friends! The girls worked on their collages adding texture with paste and stenciling flowers, butterflies etc. They painted the fruit for the still life. We’ll add highlights to the fruit next week by printing all sorts of odds and ends in Ms. Ronda’s collage box. Hope everyone has a grand Thursday. It’s almost the weekend! Super weather out there too! 

Breagan, Lauren & McKena

Here come my girls running to the studio. I get warm hugs making my day! We started class off by working in their journals. We were making a background for the word – “Gratitude.” I was hinting at the definition by saying it was a word used at a holiday – they guessed all sorts of seasons – fall, summer etc. Soooo I had to make clear the difference between a season and a holiday. The girls made a gratitude list in their journal. Then I learned that Teddy Roosevelt didn’t shoot bears!!!! Not real sure where that came from by it was very informative. I didn’t know that! We looked at Kurt Schwitter – one of the first artists to use “text” in an artwork – a collage. Then we proceeded to work on their collages. They are coming along really cool. The collages will be 11×14 and will only need a frame. The young artists added texture with paste and all sorts of printing with different items. Hope everyone has a grand weekend. Can’t wait to hear the big news Monday, Audrey!


Sadler comes in to the studio ready to get started. He is loving his journal. We started class off working on a background for an activity in his journal. I emphasized not always using a brush to apply paint – how about an old gift card. Sadler applied 2 analogous colors to a page of his journal with the gift card. He worked with the paint letting the first color show through the second color. The word of the week was “gratitude.” Sadler wrote the word on the page with India ink. He then added some things he was grateful of. (Bad grammar there.) Next came the shark. We decided the mid-color of the shark would be the best to use as a base coat. So the young artist mixed a medium grey adding purple and blue. He painted the whole shark. Next time Sadler will start on the highlights, shadows and detail. This shark is going to be so cool. The canvas is 16×20. It will require just a frame, no glass. Hope you all have a grand weekend.

Madeline, Gigi & Maggie

My little Princess Artists! They are so precious! They never just walk into the studio – the run in! Just a talking 90 m.p.h! We worked on their journal covers first. We looked at several of Pollock’s paintings before we started. I explained to the little artists how Jackson Pollock splattered his paint. Wow, he did great big paintings!!!! Now here came the splatters! We talked about how we all react to color in different ways. The girls splattered several colors. They had a blast as you can imagine. After working on their covers for awhile, we moved on to painting  backgrounds for some Jackson Pollock paintings. We will work on those next week. I will show the girls more of his paintings. Then on to the final touches of the Mixed Media Collages. We glued the butterflies onto the collages. The artists also chose the pipe cleaner bodies for each butterfly. I will varnish the collages this weekend. These would look great in a 16×20 shadow box since they are so 3D. Hope everyone has a grand weekend.

Alexis, Kaela, Zoe & Brooke

We started class off yesterday with the visual journals. The artists layered 2 coats of paint on 2 pages with an old gift card. I explained how interesting it is to use something other than a brush to apply paint. After the artists applied the paint they wrote our vocabulary word for the week – “gratitude.” I explained the meaning of “gratitude.” The artists then wrote several words for the things they were grateful of. These young artists really enjoy the visual journal activities. Now on to the Mixed Media Collages – I demonstrated 2 techniques to the girls – texture with paste & stencils & sponging with stencils. The artists jumped right in after I demonstrated to create their own texture and stencils. We had fish, letters, flowers and more. Next week we are going to look at Kurt Schwitter – early to mid 1900′s. He was one of the first artists to include text a collage. Have a grand weekend!

Carley, Evie & Sadie

As you can tell by the photos these young artists feel very comfortable in the studio. I think they would stay all day and night. In fact they have asked me if they could spend the night and stay in the studio. That makes my heart sing! We started class off with the visual journals. The girls made a background by applying 2 layers of paint with an old gift card. Way cool. Then they wrote the word “gratitude” with India ink. I defined the word “gratitude.” They wrote a few words describing what they are grateful of. (Bad grammar there!) Then we switched over to the Mixed Media Collages. The artists added texture with modeling paste and stencils. They also painted in a few more areas. These collages are going to be so colorful and very busy! They are 16×20 and will require a frame but no glass. They will be done by the show! Can’t wait to see the final creation. Next week we are going to look at Kurt Schwitter’s collages. He created collages during the early to mid 1900′s. He was one of the first artists to include text in collages. Have a grand Thursday!

Reese, Katie, Kylie, Alex & Parker

Parents, I forgot to grab my camera and get a picture of the kids. If I ever forget to get a photograph you’ll know it is because we are sooooo busy – which is a good thing I suppose. The artists came into the studio ready to create. We started off with the visual journals. The artists created a background by using 2 colors and applying the paint to the page with an old gift card. Our word for the week was “gratitude.” I explained the meaning. The kids wrote “gratitude” on the page then added words explaining things they grateful of. Afterwards, we started working on their collages. We added a lot of texture with the modeling paste and stencils. In doing so, the kids had a lot of problem solving to tackle. I love to created problem solving situations for the artists. It is so good for them. Next week we are going to look at Kurt Schwitter’s collages. He worked in the early to mid 1900′s creating collages with text. Have a grand Thursday!