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Kate & Abby G.

Sorry, no photo this week. I had full intentions but we get so busy sometimes I forget to pick up my camera. I get busy because the young artists hit the studio door ready to create and FULL of artistic ENERGY! Wow! I need to assign a photo reminder person – that would help. We started class by getting a background ready for a journal activity. The artists spread paint on the gessoed pages with a gift card – just another way to apply paint to a surface. The artists then stamped the word “gratitude” on the page. I defined “gratitude.” The artists are to write and or glue images of things they are grateful. The pages look so cool so far. These young artists really enjoy working in their journals.

Then came the collages. We reviewed the meaning of a “Mixed Media” collage. After combining their definitions they came up with the meaning. To add texture to the collages, we  cut cardboard and the artists tore the cardboard to reveal the bumpy part. They  gessoed and painted the texture. The artists chose the colors to paint the backgrounds of their still life. Next week the artists will add more texture with stencils and gel. These collages are going to be very colors and busy – just the way a collage should be. The size of the collages is 16″x20″. They will need to be framed without glass for the show.

Hope everyone has a grand Tuesday! Talk up “Gratitude!”

Breagan, Lauren & McKena

What a great way to enjoy a Monday  having these 3 young artists come to the studio. We started class with a bang as usual. Their journals were ready on the table for the girls. They prepared a background for next weeks journal activity. They will be writing and gluing images having to do with “gratitude.” We’ll learn what the word means then work on the activity for a few minutes. The collages drew our attention next. The artists remembered the meaning of “Mixed Media!” Super duper! We studied my sample again. They tore the cardboard to reveal the bumpy part. The card board pieces go across the back of the table in the still life. The artists then painted the cardboard with gesso. The girls painted the backgrounds of the still life. Next week they will add more texture and start some stenciling for patterns.  We will also look at an artist by the name of Kurt Schwitter. He was a collage artist in the early to mid 1900′s. Hope everyone has a grand Tuesday!


Kaela, Alexis, Zoe and Brooke

These young young artists come into the studio with exploding artistic energy!  That’s about as good as I can explain it. They are a super group to teach. We started class off with Kaela and Zoe drybrushing their journal covers. They ended up using some metallic colors. The covers turned out so cool! I then reviewed the meaning of “mixed media.” We discussed what needed to be done next to their Mixed Media Collages. They artists looked at my sample project then drew in the background lines. They each decided what shape to make  their tables. This is going to be a still life collage. The girls continued to draw all the still life, including the fruit. They did a “bang up” job on their fruit. We added texture with some cardboard. The artists had to tear the cardboard apart to reveal the bumpy part. They enjoyed the “tearing” part. The gesso was next. The artists painted the cardboard with gesso. The girls are learning to help themselves getting all the supplies out. Love that independence! Next week we will add more texture with gel – then some painting. Hope everyone has a grand weekend. Loving this weather!

Maddux, Maverick, Emily & Kaci

This crew loves art. They always talk about how cool it would be to spend the night at the studio and paint alllll night. Then I have to inform that Ms. Ronda isn’t a spring chicken anymore! I go to bed at 9:30!!!! They never want to leave – I love that! They always come running into the studio ready to get started – in fact all my students come running into the studio. Guess that is a good sign! We started class off with Maverick and Emily drybrushing their journal covers. I put Maddux’s cover on his journal. He finished his last week. They thought the metallic colors were so cool. We then progressed to the Mixed Media Collages. I reviewed the term “Mixed Media.” They remembered what “medium” means. The artists added cardboard for texture to their collages. They had to tear the cardboard to reveal the bumpy part. That part was fun!  Then came the gesso. The kids are doing great at getting the supplies out themselves. I like that. We glued all the cardboard to the canvases. They then dove into the stencils. They are going to stencil letters and numbers. This idea of having numbers and letters in a painting started in the early 1900′s. We will look at some of these paintings next week. The artists stenciled a few things then before we knew it, it was time to go! The hour flew by! The photo is what the artists have so far. The collages are going to be very colorful and busy. Hope everyone has a shazamful weekend. Enjoy the cooler weather!


Sadler is loving his journal. He is creating artworks on his own. He showed me his creations. I love that. We didn’t work on his journal this week due to the Art History lesson. We celebrated Horatio Greenough’s The lesson is in an earlier post. The vocabulary words were: commission & controversial. Cool vocabulary words! We started off with our usual conversations – catching up  with all our news. Then we got started on his shark painting. After looking at the shark I had saved on my computer, Sadler decided to make the bottom of the ocean even darker. I thought this was a grand idea. He blended the colors like a pro! The young artist then finished drawing the shark. We made a pattern out of the shark. Sadler traced his shark on to the canvas in chalk as you can see. Is that an awesome shark or what? Next week, Sadler will start painting his shark. He is even going to paint the sun rays coming through the water. How cool! As usual, I thoroughly enjoy teaching this young man. Super manners and a great artist – what a combination! Have a shazamful weekend!

Annie, Christine & Libby

As stated in my earlier post about my other teen class  - I love teaching these teens – 4 at a time and not 30! These young artists really want to be at the studio. After greeting one another and hearing about all the school news, the teens got started right away on their projects. Annie is working on her self portrait made from VCR tape. She is almost done. Probably just one more lesson and she will be done! Libby is working on her Mixed Media Collage. The subject matter is one of her dogs she holds close to her heart. It is really cool. She is even putting the dog collars on the collage. Christine is working on a palette knife painting. She has really taken to it. She should be done by the show – Oct. 27th!!!! We also studied Horatio Greenough’s Note my earlier post about the art history lesson. HIgh-five to you parents for raising such mannerly young ladies. They are so exciting to teach – they love art and have manners! Wow! Way cool!


Rachel and Ava T.

Ava and Rachel had a great class on Wednesday. We were super busy working on our Mixed Media Collages. We reviewed the idea of a Mixed Media Collage. I defined “media” again. The artists started stenciling numbers and letters on their collages. The girls enjoyed digging through all the stencils. We also worked on adding texture with cardboard. They used an old fruit netted material to create some texture on the background. We’ll add more texture next week with gel medium. For Art History we celebrated Horatio Greenough’s Our vocabulary words were “commission” and “controversial.” Note the art history in an earlier post. Next week we are going to look at some early to mid 1900′s collages – this is when they started adding text and letters, sometimes words. It was done purely to attract the viewer, to make the viewer wonder what the letters, numbers and words meant. Soooo, you all can do the same thing – “What do those letters and numbers mean?” Awesome! Have a splendid weekend!