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Gigi, Madeline, Maggie

Well, I got really busy and I forgot to get a picture of the girls. Can you imagine that? The girls bust into the studio just a’ yaking! They crack me up. Talking all at once is their way of conversing. My mind spins trying to catch up on all the news! The artists helped me get their booster seats out. They HAVE to buckle their own seat now. So independent! I love it. I reviewed the idea of a “Mixed Media Collage.” They remembered the meaning of “media.” We added all the glitter to the collages. The studio was covered in a fine dusting of glitter. That was awesome! I let the girls shake out their own glitter. I emphasized putting the leftover back in the bottle. If you will note the photo – now that is a pile of glitter! That’s ok though!  The artists then drew their butterflies. I cut them out because they had painted them on heavy watercolor paper.  Next week the girls will glue their butterflies down then make some leaves for their stems and that will be it. Our next project is a self portrait. Now that will definitely be interesting.

Quartz Mountain abstract in the making

This is an abstract I am working on presently. I am not done yet. I am loving the metallic colors. I discovered a different metallic paint at Hobby Lobby, my home away from home! I am all about the red, too. Enjoy the process!   “Every time I paint, I throw myself into the water to learn how to swim.” Manet. I love that quote. It is so true. Have a shazamful Wednesday!


Cydney, Celia & Abigail

This teen class is a new scheduled class and everything went great last night. Super artistic energy! I love teaching my teens. It’s awesome to be able to concentrate on 3-4 of them instead of 30!  These artists definitely get a lot of my attention. That is cool. We celebrated Greenough’s as in the earlier Art History post. These young artists love the birthday cupcakes – especially the chocolate part! Cydney worked on her Marilyn. She is going to add gel, pearls and beads. It is going to be glamorous. Celia is working on her self portrait with the VCR tape. She deserves a great big high-five when she is done. That is a very tedious project. She will finish her palette knife when she is done. Abigail is working on a huge palette knife of some flowers. The background is a warm gold. There will be several layers by the time she is done. I want the artists to work on an abstract with a new technique I learned. We’ll tackle that after they finish up. Congrats to all you parents for raising such mannerly young ladies! Have a superb Wednesday!

Sadie, Carley & Evie

We started class by celebrating Greenough’s birthday. The Art History lesson is in an earlier post. After wishing Horatio a, we started right in on the Mixed Media Collages. I reviewed the term – “medium” and “media.” I discussed the variety of ways we are going to add texture. The artists tore apart some cardboard to get down to the bumpy stuff. They then gessoed it and will paint it next time. I love cardboard – a true artist! The girls enjoyed tearing it apart, too. They then started painting the background and the foreground. I instructed the artists to help themselves to all the supplies. They did a great job of getting what they needed then cleaning up. This class is a breeze because they are so “into” their art. Makes my heart warm! Next week, we will work in their visual journals then add more to their collages. Have a grand rest of the week!


Reese, Parker, Kylie, Katie, Alex

As usual we were so busy in class – I forgot to get any pictures. Hopefully next week I’ll remember. These artists hit the door ready to get started, then there is never a dull moment!!! We started class off by reviewing the idea of a Mixed Media Collage. “Medium” being the singular – of what material you use to create a work of art. We are going to use a variety of “media” to create these collages. The artists finished drawing their backgrounds and the still life objects. There were several comments like – “Ms. Ronda, this is my favorite project!” BUT they say that about almost every project. Looking over the past year or 2, as long as I have had these young artists, they sure have grown art-wise. OK, enough for the sentimental stuff! The artists also started painting the collages. Some of the artists started adding texture with stencils and gel. We celebrated Horatio Greenough’s That info is in an earlier post. Have a grand rest of the week. Enjoy the cooler weather!

Art History

I forgot to add the post about Art History this week. We are celebrating Horatio Greenough’s birthday. He lived from 1805-1852. The U.S. government commissioned (vocabulary word) to sculpt a sculpture of George Washington. Greenough’s sculpture was very controversial (vocab. word) as you can see. He modeled the sculpture after a Greek statue of Zeus – depicting power and authority.

Ava & Trey

Ava and Trey were ready to get started yesterday on their Mixed Media Collages. To begin class, I discussed with Trey the use of his Visual Journal. He was excited about having a journal. We will make a cover next week. He will bring it every week for an activity. I had the artists paint some more areas of their collages. They painted part of the background and the  table the fruit will be placed. I cut up some cardboard for the artists. They pulled the cardboard apart  down to the bumpy part then gessoed it. They decided where to place the cardboard then we glued it down. Next week we will start adding texture with some gel and stencils.



Kelsey had a busy class yesterday. We started off by finishing her visual journal cover. She drybrushed her cover. It ended up looking really cool. I love those metallic colors. I gave her a new assignment of “expressive lines.” She is going to fill her page with expressive lines then color in all the spaces. I told her to google “zintangle” to get  some ideas. We then switched gears to work on her Mixed Media Collage. Kelsey started building up some texture with gel. Next week she will start painting the collage, still adding different textures. Kelsey also enlarged her fruit in the foreground. This project is going to look so cool. Can’t wait to see it hanging in the show!