Masthead header

Riley, my header picture

Just a note about my header or mast picture – I have never written who she is – that is Riley. She is my youngest student at this moment. She ABSOLUTELY loves art! As you can tell by the picture. Her daddy is an artist, too. Brian designs all my business cards and Art Show invites. Guess it is in the genes. I teach her one-on-one. Riley thinks the studio is hers! Well of course ! Love my Riley!

Abby & Kate

We started class off by working with the visual journals yesterday. Abby started working on her bookcover for the journal and Kate worked on a page in her journal with gesso and watercolor pencils. I helped her write her name real fancy then she decorated it with some really cool colors. Abby will drybrush her cover next time then cover her journal.

We reviewed the idea of a mixed media collage. We looked at my sample again. We noted on Heda’s and Picasso’s still lives the angles of the tables. The artists chose how they wanted their tables to edge the background. They started drawing on the prepared canvas. They drew the background and the fruit. Then we dove into the painting. Kate and Abby painted their background walls. These are going to be so cool. We are going to do a lot of texturing with cardboard, gel & stencils.

We celebrated Horatio Greenough’s birthday. He was a sculptor in the early to mid 1800′s. He was commissioned by the U.S. governement. Greenough scupted George Washington – a very “controversial” sculpture. I defined “controversial.” We found Boston on the globe – Greenough’s hometown. Then we proceeded to find all the oceans, equator and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

That about wraps that lesson up. We keep very busy – obviously! Have a splendid week!

Lauren, Lindsey, Logan & Devin

These young artists have worked so hard on their self portraits. They are making their portraits with old VCR tape. They are so cool. The portraits will be in the show coming up so you have to swing by the Art Show Opening and take a peek. The show will hang for a week. almost all the teens are working on one. The artists worked in their visual journals also. They gessoed a page and then painted 2 layers of different colored paint. After rubbing off part of the 2nd layer they stenciled a chosen word. they are to illustrate or write about that word. Lindsey and Lauren finished their self portraits. Devin and Logan are not far behind. Their next project is the “Hand” Project. They are using some good colored Canson paper. I’ll post a picture of project sample. Sorry this is so late getting posted. Not sure where my weekend went!

Breagan, Lauren, McKena

These young artists started class off by working in their visual journals with gesso and watercolor pencils. They created some really cool colors and designs. The artists then gessoed the canvas for their still life. Last week they had glued the old telephone book pages to the canvas. The gesso they used was thinned so you can see the font. Way cool. While the gesso was drying, we celebrated Horatio Greenough’s He was a sculptor in the early to mid 1800′s. We looked at his George Washington statue. They learned the word “controversy.”  The artists sang happy birthday to Horatio then they savored a cupcake. Now back to the mixed media collage canvas. As you can tell I keep them very busy! FIrst we looked at Heda’s and Picasso’s still lives. We noted the tables in the paintings. We reviewed “diagonal”, “horizontal” and “vertical.” The artists studied the sample I had made for the still life. They all decided how to draw their tables. They finished drawing the tables, backgrounds and fruit. We studied the shapes of al the fruit they drew. In the remaining few minutes, the girls gessoed another page in their journals for next week. Whew! And that was about it! Have a splendid rest of the week!