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Breagan, Lauren, Alexis and Taylor

We had a variety of creations going on yesterday in this class. Lauren worked on her foal painting. She painted an undercoat for the pasture. Lauren also worked on her peacock animalito. She is done with the last layer of paper maiche. Next week Lauren will start painting the peacock. Breagan worked on her kodra. She is creating a scene with a horse and several smaller animals. Kodras are from Poland. It is a cut paper project.  Alexis worked on her palette knife painting of 2 dolphins. She is almost done. Alexis has to work on the water next week. Taylor worked on her kodra. She is almost done! I think she just has the trees to finish. The kids enjoyed seeing all the other projects in process. I like that!~

Super Jack!

Super Jack came running into the studio yesterday with his hood on his head – Super Jack! We had a great class. We started with a thumb print fall tree. Super Jack did this tree in his sketchbook. He used tempera paint. We looked at several falls trees on my iPad. We discussed the fall colors. Super Jack mixed his fall colors getting a variety of colors for the leaves. Amazing! We started working on his farm and ran out of time. The hour flew by! Enjoy the pic of Super Jack!


Jack and I started class this morning with the Art History lesson. Even my 2 year olds learn the Art History lesson. We found WF, Texas, Crete, the Mediterranean Sea and the oceans on the globe. So cool!!! I showed Jack the murals and the bowls the Minoans painted with sea life – sooooo Jack is going to paint a shark. We found several sharks he is interested in painting. I think he is going to include a sea turtle too:) Jack also started on a tulip in pastel for his mom. We got really messy with the pastels but it was fun! I gave Jack his sketchbook today. He was thrilled. He was so excited about his activities I assigned him.

Lauren, Breagan, Alexis and Taylor

We started class with the Art History lesson for the week – the Palace of Knossos.  We found Crete, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea on my globe. Taylor worked on her kodra. It is turning out so cool. She loves all the detail. Breagan started her kodra of a horse. The cards are from Poland. She drew the horse and started on the background. Lauren worked on her painting of a Shetland pony foal. She drew the foal on a piece of paper then she will trace it onto the painting. Alexis worked on her palette knife painting of 2 dolphins. She is doing a bang up job! Palette knife paintings are fun but they are hard. It was a busy hour so it flew by! The girls always hate leaving:) I like that!!


Sadler finished gluing his nonobjective abstract back together. I’ll flatten it and varnish it. He can take it home next week. He started his Pop Art self portrait. We studied Warhol and Lichenstein. Sadler really enjoyed starting this project. It is going to look so cool. He even decided all the colors he wants to use. He glued tiny squares of the colors to the paper. Mr. Meticulous! Love him!!

Palace of Knossos, Crete

This week we will be studying the Palace of Knossos, Crete. We will study the Minoan civilization 3,000 -1,450 B.C. The palace was not build just for a king, it was like a modern day shopping mall/office building. It was a beautiful open air palace. The Minoans did not have to build the palace in a fortified manner. They were able to see their enemy coming on the ocean. I will compare the Palace of Knossos to a Mycenaean fortified palace on the mainland of Greece. We will look at several murals in the Palace of Knossos. The Minoans decorated their murals and pottery with ocean life. The students are going to make and design a paper maiche bowl and decorate it with sea life. The students will use a ceramic bowl to use as a mold. Should be interesting! The following are some photos of the Palace and Crete.

Kate, Bennett and Libby

These young artists end my Wednesdays in a very relaxed creative fashion. They are all three so talented. Kate is working on an acrylic painting. It’s been a while since Kate painted with a brush, so she is really enjoying herself. Bennett is working on his nonobjective abstract in acrylic. He will cut it into 1″ squares then glue it together in a different order creating another abstract. Libby is working on her acrylic painting of a horse. She is doing a great job blending the acrylic which is really hard to do because it dries so fast. Great kids = great class!

Gigi, Sara Jane, Lucy and Stevie

This class starts 90 mph every week! There is always some news to discuss – lunch menu, school events, Halloween costumes and more! There is never a dull or quiet moment! They definitely keep me awake! This week we started class with an Art History lesson – the Palace of Knossos on Crete. We studied the Minoan civilization – 3,000-1,450 BC. The artists are going to make a Minoan paper maiche bowl decorated with sea life like the ones that were found when excavating the Palace of Knossos. The bowls were made of clay. Gigi, Sara Jane and Stevie painted another layer of gesso on their animalitos. Lucy worked on her nonobjective abstract in acrylic. Gigi and Sara then worked on their symmetrical winged projects – fairies:) Stevie started her proportion project. Wow that is a lot to get done in an hour but we did it! Enjoy the pics:)