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Kaela, Alexis, Zoe, Brooke

These girls love their art class. They are always 100% ready to get started. They joined in with the rest of the studio artists by working on their visual journal. They prepared a page for an activity including a chosen word they stenciled on their page. They are to illustrate or write about the word. Their backgrounds looked so cool. After the journals, we started working on their mixed media collages. The artists started drawing the still life onto the prepared background. The collages will be very textured and colorful. We looked at some of ┬áHeda, Cezanne and Picasso’s still lives. We compared the still lives. The artists decided how to draw the table top for the fruit. This week we will continue to work on the collage. We are celebrating Francois Broucher’s! Yeah cupcakes!

Maverick, Emily, Kaci and Maddux

These young artists were visual journal artists and collaging mixed media artists this week. They prepared a page in their journal for this week’s assignment. They used stenciling to letter their chosen word to illustrate or write about. After journaling, the artists started working on their mixed media collages. I reviewed the idea of mixed media to the artists. They will use cardboard, paint, yarn, stenciling and more to create a still life collage. For the next lesson, the artists will start adding texture to their still life. They will finish these in time for the show! So cool. As usual, this will be a very colorful show!

Shark artist!

Sadler and I had a super class. I started the class with a journal activity. He loves going through his journal. He is liking the look of it. Sadler told me his brothers want a sketchbook now! So cool. Maybe Sadler can give his brothers the activity he does each week in his visual journal. That would be cool. Sadler is going to start collecting things that describe himself so we can glue them in his journal. I showed him all my most recent activities in my journal. After journaling, Sadler started on his ocean for his shark. We found a shark he liked on the computer. I then gave him a canvas and explained acrylic painting to him. Then he jumped right in to painting. He decided to use several blues and turquoise for the ocean water. We discussed how the deeper part of the ocean needs to look darker. That’s just what he painted. He loved making the long horizontal brushstrokes. Sadler did a super job blending the colors. Next week he will draw the shark then transfer it to the canvas. Can’t wait to see this shark!





Wednesday Teens

We had a big class again with all the teens. I opened another class on Tuesdays so to make the classes smaller. Thanks to all those who moved to Tuesdays. We had a lot going on as usual. We opened with a journal activity that the teens really liked. I think they like anything that has to do with their journals. They layered some paint and gesso then stenciled a word they chose from the word bowl. They are to write about the word -what it congers up in their brains. Or they can draw images. These journal activities keep those creative juices going during the week. They love showing me their journals the minute they hit the studio door. I love that! We have several different projects going right now. I hope to get them all on a mixed media still life soon. They are going to work hard to get their projects done by the Art Show Opening – Oct. 27th. The studio was a wreck when we were done – but I loved it. It just proved there were busy artists in the studio. Parents – you all are doing a great job raising these young people. They are all very mannerly. High-five to you.

See everyone next week – Tuesday or Wednesday!

Maggie, Madeline, Gigi

This class starts with a jolt and just keeps going! We were busy every second. Guess that is a good thing. We started off with a color wheel study. The artists reviewed the Primary and Secondary colors. They made their own Secondary colors. After the color wheel we moved on to the Flower Collage. I reviewed the idea of Mixed Media. The artists chose more decorated paper to finish their flowers. We glued the flowers on to the collage after much deliberation where they should be placed. Then came the stems. The girls chose the perfect pipe cleaner for each stem. Next week we will add glitter to the clouds and butterflies. We made the butterflies out of India ink. They are so cool – we dripped the ink on the WC paper then folded the paper. Ummm, we had lots of ink smushed out of the folded paper – that is why the artists went home with stained little hands! They commented that their hands looked like Ms. Ronda’s!

Hope everyone has a grand weekend. Come on cooler weather!