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Abby, Carly, Sadie, Evie

The visual journals were first on the list of “to do’s” yesterday. The artists painted 2 layers of paint on a page in their journal. They wiped off part of the 2nd layer revealing the first color. They then chose a word from my “word bowl.” The artists stenciled the word on the journal page. They are to write about the word, or draw some images. They were thrilled with the look of the new page.

Abby worked on her palette knife painting. She is almost done with background. Evie, Carly and Sadie worked on a mixed media collage. They continued by drawing the still life subject matter. Next week they will add some texture to the background and some stenciling. These projects are 16×20 and will just need a frame – no glass. They will be done in time for the show. Yippeee! Have a grand afternoon.

Katie, Parker, Reese, Kylie and Alex

I must have taken this pic before Alex got there. She scooted in and got caught up right away. We started with their visual journals. They layered gesso and 2 layers of paint – 2 different colors. Before the 2nd color was dry, they wiped some of it off to reveal the first layer. The artists all chose a word to stencil on the page. They are going to write about this word – what it means to them. They can also draw pictures about the word. The artists had a blast stenciling the letters.

We reviewed the idea of a still life. I reviewed Picasso and Cezanne’s work. The artists started drawing their still life. There were a variety of subject matters – baseballs, legos, a quill pen, fruit and a plate of food. The artists had to come up with a background, too. Next week they will start painting, adding texture and collage materials. Have a splendid day!


Trey and Ava

It was great to see Trey and Ava yesterday. After hearing all the news, we got started on a page for their visual journal. They painted 2 layers of paint on a page to be put in their journals. They painted 2 different colors. After the 2nd layer Trey and Ava wiped off some of the 2nd layer to reveal the under color. After choosing a word, they stenciled it on the page. Both words were new to the young artists. They are to write or draw pictures on that page about the word. Have the kiddos bring those pages back next week and we will glue it into the visual journal.

I then “introduced” their next project to the artists. I defined “introduce.” The project is a mixed media collage. They wrote their names on the back of the canvas. I had them write the “dimensions” of the canvas – 11×14 on the back. I explained what the “x” means and also the defined “dimension.”  See how much we learned so far!

The artists prepared their canvas by gluing on a layer of old telephone book pages. We will be able to see some of the text on the collage. Trey and Ava then painted a thin layer of gesso. I explained that the gesso should be “translucent” – another vocabulary word! Next week they will start drawing the still life.

Have a splendid day!


Kelsey was super busy in class Tuesday. We got a lot done in the art world. To start off, I had Kelsey work in her visual journal. She painted a background for her next assignment. She painted 2 layers of different colored paint after a gesso layer. Before the 2nd layer dried, she removed some of the paint using a baby wipe. This revealed the 1st layer of paint. She chose a word to write about on this page.

We studied several still lives – Heda, Picasso & Cezanne. We compared all the paintings. We discussed Picasso’s “out of perspective table top.” This is how Kelsey decided to draw her tabletop. She drew the rest of her still life. Next week Kelsey will start painting and added texture. Have a splendid day!


Art Show Opening

Artists and Parents of Young Artists, remember to highlight Saturday, Oct. 27th on your calendar – Art Show Opening from 1-3:00 p.m. The Opening will be at the Forum on Harrison. We will have refreshments and live classical guitar by David Thompson, along with a few of his students. Charlie will also play a few songs. Our shows usually consist of  at least 175 pieces of art and around 300 people attend the opening. The show will hang until Friday, Nov. 2nd. All artwork will be received at the Forum on the following dates and times: Oct. 24, 25 & 26th from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Artwork must be framed. Adults – regarding your large work, paint the edges instead of framing if you like.  I will be at the Forum to handle the artwork. Please bring the artwork to the Forum during these times. Absolutely no artwork will be taken after 1:00 p.m. on Friday the 26th. More information will be posted at later dates.

Landscape Artists

Today we continued working on the landscapes. I reviewed the term “atmospheric perspective”  - the landscape colors fade as it goes into the distance. Abby painted her sand on the beach and the foreground. I emphasized not completely blending the colors. Stevie worked on his rain forest background. The same went with Stevie  - I didn’t want him to blend his colors.

For Art History we celebrated Gustave Caillebotte’s birthday. He painted in the  Impressionism/Realism ATPs. We studied “The Rainy Day” 1877. We noted how Caillebotte painted the wet street and sidewalk. He often painted wet or shiny surfaces, a lot of reflections. We noted the shape of the umbrella repeated through out the painting. Shape being an Element of Art and repetition as a Principle of Art.

Next week we will continue with the landscapes. Abby will tackle her ocean waves! See you all next week. Good luck with the first day of school!      Ronda

“Riley’s Studio”

Riley is taught one-on-one therefore she thinks this is her studio! I love her enthusiasm! We started class off by going over her giraffe – making the lines deeper for the printing. After going over the lines, we gathered all the supplies for printing. She informed me  - “I am a pretty good helper!”- so Riley helped me gather all the equipment. We printed several prints of the giraffe. We changed the color of ink and paper with every print. When changing color of ink, we had to clean all the equipment. My helper was cleaning ALL the equipment after 1 change of ink color. While we printed, we discussed her first week of preschool. Riley informed me that she has the “CUTEST  BOY  EVER” in her class. I asked her what made this young man so cute – she replied – “His shoes!” Oh, really? A conversation with Riley is always a true ‘eye opener.’

Next week we are going to start a mixed media collage. We are also going to finish her visual journal cover. It is pink so far. Duh! See Riley next week!