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Breagan, Lauren and Taylor

Well now that the show is over I can get back to blogging the class summaries. It was great to hear about the show from these young artists yesterday. They all had their own stories to tell about the show. We started class with a fun string and paint activity. The girls used metallic paint on black paper. Way cool. We then had an Art History lesson – I haven’t posted the Art History lesson yet on the blog but it is about the Palace of Knossos on Crete – 3, 000-1,450 B.C. I’ll post it later today. The artists had a few minutes to work on their projects – Breagan painted her Titanic. Taylor worked on her kodra and Lauren painted the sky for her little foal. We never have enough time! 

Cade, Lizzy, Vivi and Lauren

We welcomed Lauren to this class, she had a make up class. I’ve had Lauren since she was 3 so she really knows her way around the studio. Cade worked on his farm scene and his shark. Cade has to add the teeth to the shark next week. Lizzy and Vivi worked on their amantes. They are both painting owls. The girls are designing patterns for the owls. They are going to use tempera paint. The girls will use some super bright neon colors. Lauren glued her abstract painting. I had cut it up into 1″ square pieces. She created another abstract. After finishing her abstract Lauren started another animalito. Way cool! Enjoy the epics:)

Emma, Emily, Kendall and Presley

Where do the weeks go? It seems just like yesterday that I was writing the class summary for this class! The girls are so much fun to visit with in the studio. They love art! To get ready for the show, I had the girls start right away on their projects. Presley worked on her acrylic nonobjective abstract. She had fun mixing her own colors and using my metallic acrylic paint. Emma finished her illuminated manuscript. It looks amazing. Emily and Kendall are almost finished with their illuminated manuscripts. I want the manuscripts to be in the show. I made sure during class that all the artists have their labels to put on the backs of the artworks. So excited about the show! **Note Emma’s purple lips! Amazing!!!

Scarlett and Andrew

Scarlett and I welcomed Andrew to the studio this week. It was his first lesson. To start class, the artists created their own color wheel. I only used the primary colors. Scarlett and Andrew made their own secondary colors. I reviewed the colors several times. They were so cute when they realized they had made their own purple, orange and green! I introduced their project to them – molas from Mexico. I showed them some real molas that I have in the studio. We first found Wichita Falls. I emphasized that WF is in Texas!!! Yay!!! We found  Mexico on my globe. We also found all 5 oceans. The kids enjoyed feeling the mountains all over the world. The artists decided which animals they were going to use in their mola. Scarlett decided to draw a bunny. Andrew decided on a moose. I use printed coloring pages for the kids to look at while they draw. They do not trace. I discussed the basic shapes for drawing. Andrew drew his moose and Scarlett her bunny. The artists will decorate their animals with designed patterns. The patterns will be colored with Prismas. For the background the artists will create a pattern with construction paper. Enjoy the pics:)

Ben and Trey

We welcomed Ben to the studio this week. Ben and Trey are friends.  I think Ben was overwhelmed with all the “stuff” in the studio:) The young artists are going to do a really cool project. They chose a wild animal. They will draw the animal then decorate and design the animal in Sharpie. After designing the artists will color the designs with colored Sharpie. I discussed some of the Elements and Principles of Art – shape, line and rhythm. Ben drew a wolf and Trey chose a bobcat looking animal. I emphasized drawing the basic shape of the animals first. I think Ben is going to enjoy being at the studio. He is very creative. Enjoy the pics:)

Sara Jane, Gigi, Stevie and Lucy

These young artists keep me very busy! There is never a dull or quiet moment:) They are always so excited about creating some art. We started class with an art activity. The girls used pastel and gesso to create a background. Then with a waterbased oil pastel the artists had to write a positive word about themselves. There was much thought put into each word. I like doing activities like this- it is so good for their self esteem. After the activity, the artists began working on their projects. Sara Jane, Stevie and Gigi worked on their animalitos. The girls loved getting all goopy with glue:) Lucy worked on her symmetrical project. She is creating a beautiful butterfly. These young artists have such exciting creative energy. Enjoy the pics:)


Kate and Bennett

Kate and Bennett came to the studio Wednesday afternoon for their lesson. These 2 artists love my Pandora station – 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Kate and Bennett know almost all the songs and they love guessing the bands. Kate glued her NOA back together. I had cut the painting into 1″ squares. She glued it together randomly creating another NOA. Bennett finished his illuminated manuscript. It turned out so cool. Bennett was super proud of it. After gluing, Kate started on another painting. I can’t say anything about the painting because it is a surprise for someone. Bennett started on his nonobjective abstract in acrylic. Enjoy the pics:)


Cade and his huge grin came into the studio this week ready to create some artwork:) We started the class with an art activity. I demonstrated to Cade what we were going to do. I defined the word – “demonstrate.” Cade used pastels and watered gesso to create a background. He was doing this activity in his sketchbook. After creating the background, Cade used waterbased pastels to write his name. I helped Cade write his name then I had him trace over the letters. Cade worked on his farm scene. He added a second coat of paint to a couple of the animals. Cade added a “variety” of rocks to his stream. I defined “variety.” He started the outline process with a small brush and black paint. Cade will finish his farm scene today. Yay!!!!