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Channing came into the studio for her lesson and was immediately asking about Tracy – my studio Golden Retriever:) Channing worked on her proportion project. I reviewed proportion as a Principle of Art. She finished painting her very large flowers. Channing also worked on her pterodactyl. She painted the plants and trees for the landscape. We had to add glitter for the lightening and the grass. She named her pterodactyl – “Bead Cross.” Not real sure where that came from:)

Breagan, Lauren and Taylor

These young artists are so “into”┬átheir art. They truly appreciate their talent, and there is some definite talent in the studio when they attend class. Taylor worked on her fairy symmetrical project. She is designing and darkening the wings. I discussed with Taylor the Elements and Principles of value, unity, variety and emphasis. Lauren finished her NOA. I will cut it up this week into 1″ squares so she can glue it back together randomly. Lauren then started on another animalito. She is doing a peacock this time. Breagan worked on her painting of the Titanic. I discussed perspective with Breagan. She drew the smoke stacks going back into 1 point perspective. Enjoy the pics:)


Sadler and I started class as usual with a football conversation. Its football season! He worked on his nonobjective abstract in acrylic. After painting, we will cut the painting up into 1″ squares then glue it together randomly. Way cool, creating another abstract. I am painting a NOA at the same time so I can have one as an example. Sadler had a great time mixing up some super colors on his own. I have another project ready for him after the NOA. The project will be a drawing of a wild animal, all in b&w, designed with “Zentangle.”


Jack brightens my Monday morning. I have hardly had 2 cups of coffee when Jack arrives each Monday. Jack wakes me up with his sunshine smile! I am so blessed that I get to start my Monday with a lesson with Jack instead of a huge committee meeting in some 4 walled office:) To start his lesson, I introduced an art activity with soft pastels. Jack covered a sheet of paper with 3 colors of pastel. Then I showed Jack how to paint the pastel with watered gesso. The gesso and the pastel turn into paint. Jack thought that was way cool! After painting, I gave Jack a waterbased oil pastel. I then helped Jack write his name on the paper. I had Jack trace back over his name. He said each letter while he traced it. We will continue to practice writing his name. Jack worked on his farm scene painting. He drew and painted a barn, a tractor and a cow with very long legs:) Next week Jack will start adding detail to his painting. I think I will label the back of the painting so mom and dad can identify the items in the farm scene:) Enjoy the pics:)

Lucy, Trey and Taylor

These artists came to the studio yesterday, Saturday, for a make up class. Taylor and Lucy worked on their symmetrical projects. Taylor is making a fairy with wings and Lucy is making a butterfly. Both of the girls are doing very well. The detail is amazing! The wings are black and white and the bodies are colored with Prisma. Trey glued his NOA back together to created another abstract painting. He worked so hard to keep his lines straight with the 1″ squares. His painting will be in the show along with Taylor and Lucy’s symmetrical projects:) WQe had some big smiles going on during the lesson!


Emma, Emily, Presley and Kendall

These young artists all ran into the studio Friday like they do every week. They are a fun group to teach. We took care of studio show business before we started the lesson. I am making sure all the artwork goes home with labels. It’s s task! Emma, Emily and Kendall worked on their illuminated manuscripts. They will be in the show. Presley started on her nonobjective abstract in acrylic. The artists are very excited about the show. I love to see and hear the excitement about any studio show we have. Enjoy the pics:)


Lizzy and Vivi

It was great to see these 2 cousins Friday. What a wonderful way to end the week. The first thing we did was a sketchbook activity. The girls used soft pastels and gesso to create a background. They used water based oil pastels to write a word that described them. Both of the girls chose the word: artist:) I reviewed amantes. The amanitas are from Mexico. Some people several years ago believed that birds protected their homes. Both of the girls decided to paint owls. Next week the artists will start adding the detail with pencil then use tempera paint to created their amantes. Enjoy the pics:)