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Channing came to the studio Thursday for class with her hair in the typical wind blown natural look:) Mmmmm, where could she get that from??? Channing worked on her proportion collage. She painted the background for the collage in watercolor. I emphasized that the background needed to be mostly horizontal. Channing included some waterbased oil pastels in her background. For the huge flowers Channing painted her own paper. She used complementary colors of the background. Clear as mud? Mom and Dad, I’ll need a photo of Channing – around 3-4 ” tall. I’ll text you about it. Enjoy the pics:)

Cade – “Pete the Zombie Pirate”

“Pete the Zombie Pirate ” came to the studio Thursday for class. I was trembling when I saw Pete walk up the sidewalk to the door of the studio. I was elated when I realized it was really Cade:) We first had to investigate every inch of Cade’s costume. We decided that Pete needed to go to the dentist though! After hearing about being a zombie pirate for Halloween, Cade started working on his acrylic painting of a farm scene. Cade added a horse, a cow and a pig. Next week Cade will add more detail to his farm scene. While the farm painting was drying, we found the perfect shark for Cade to paint. He chose a shark that is jumping out of the water. The shark’s mouth is wide open! Cade painted the sky and the ocean for the shark. Hopefully Cade will have both of these paintings done for the show. Enjoy the pics:) Here is the shark that Cade is going to paint.

Kate and Bennett

This is my blond haired, blue eyed class! Or I could call it my Swedish class:) By the way, if you are wondering, Kate is playing an air guitar in the picture! These 2 love my Pandora station – 50′s – 80′s music. They frequently rock out:) Kate worked on her acrylic NOA painting. She is done with the painting part. I’ll cut the painting into 1″ squares and Kate will glue it randomly to another piece of stiff paper. Way cool:) Kate started on an acrylic painting. It is a surprise so I can’t say anything about it:)))) Bennett is almost done with his illuminated manuscript. He just has to go over some metallic paint and retouch the Sharpie. Yay!!! It looks amazing. Enjoy the pics:)

Gigi, Sara Jane, Taylor and Stevie

The girls are getting so good at greeting one another when they come into the studio. We have been working on our social skills. And you thought they were just here to learn art? Not so:) We had business to take care of at the first of class. I told the girls when it is Studio Show time I have to make sure I have all the paperwork done. I asked each of the girls to make sure we had all their labels right. They were so cute. I asked them to whisper amongst themselves while I finished the paperwork. They were delighted to whisper! Go figure. Their little whispering voices were so precious. You all probably don’t hear those voices very often! After the paperwork, Gigi and Sarah Jane worked on their animalitos. We reviewed that the animalitos were from Mexico. Stevie worked on gluing her NOA back together. In doing so, Stevie created another NOA! Way cool! Taylor finished gluing her NOA, too. After the gluing, Taylor worked on her fairy symmetrical project. The other girls said they loved to watch Taylor draw – she is a “detailer.” Sorry about the pic of Stevie. I got her arms and hands but I didn’t get her face. I think she ran to the bathroom to wash off all the glue:) Enjoy the pics:)

Reese, Kylie, Olivia and Alexis

These young artists were tired yesterday but they rallied after they started creating. They are so much fun to teach. I truly adore these young people. At the beginning of class I discussed with the kids that we weren’t going to do any Art History so we could concentrate on their projects trying to get everything finished for the studio show. Reese worked on his pen drawing of a coati. Kylie worked on her guitar collage. Olivia and Alexis worked upon their NOA paintings. When Alexis and Olivia were done, they started the backgrounds for their palette knife paintings. The girls were very excited about doing a palette knife painting. Olivia is painting a baby duck and Alexis is painting a dolphin. They painted the background undercoats. The artists are very excited about the studio show. I love to hear that excitement!:)


Breagan and I missed her co-heart Monday – Lauren! She had a volleyball game. Breagan glued her NOA painting back together randomly. I had cut her painting up into 1″ squares. She created another NOA painting:) I will varnish her painting then she can take it home next weekend. It will go in the studio show. Yay! Breagan began an acrylic painting of the Titanic. Yes, this is a little unusual for a 8 year old little girl, but then again we ARE talking about Breagan:) She chose a picture of the Titanic on my iPad. She did a great job of painting the night sky and blending her dark colors. I reviewed that the sky is lighter the closer it gets to the earth. We had a wide variety of conversations – of course! Breagan also shared with me a few of her books she had made in the past. She even gave me a book! I will cherish it! Enjoy the pics:) 


Jack and I had a great class Monday morning. I had Jack paint another layer of paint on his pasture for his barn yard scene painting. While that was drying, Jack started working on a activity including – lines, shapes, a color wheel and writing his name. I defined the term – “medium” in art. He used a variety of media – water based oil pastels, Prismas and paint. Jack drew the 5 different kinds of lines and basic shapes. He completed his own color wheel making his own secondary colors. After the art activity, Jack painted his mountains on his farm scene. We made a list of all the things Jack wants to include in his painting. Enjoy the pics:)

Emma, Emily, Presley & Kendall

These young artists end each week of teaching in the studio. They sure are a fun way to head into the weekend. The girls came into the studio and started working on their projects right away. We are getting ready for the show so there is a lot to be done. Emma, Emily and Kendall worked on their illuminated manuscripts. These manuscripts are so detailed that it is taking the girls a while to finish. The manuscripts are looking so pretty. The girls are using Prismas, metallic paint and Sharpies on the manuscripts. Presley worked on her Jackson Pollock painting. She used black, several greys and red. It looks awesome. She had so much fun slinging the paint. I forgot to get a pic of Presley. She left a few minutes early for a party so I forgot to snap a pic of her. Enjoy the pics:)